Beyond the Secret Book

June 27, 2007

Beyond the Secret BookThe true “secret” to the Law of Attraction
is knowing what Spirit
wants for you!


  • Learn the Ten Step Process that helps you attract what
    Spirit most wants for you to have in life.
  • Discover how to attract the spiritual “YOU” into “you” so
    your wishes and desires are anchored in spiritual principles.
  • Get access to dozens of practical techniques that help
    you manifest what you want in life in a spiritual way.
  • Discover your Spiritual Purpose for being here.
  • Start NOW to attract more of what Spirit really wants for you
    to have, so you can live a truly loving and fulfilling life!
  •  Beyond “The Secret” is a book by Dr. Lisa Love being published this fall by Hampton Roads Press.

    Look for it in stores October, 2007!  Or PRE-ORDER Beyond the Secret  on now! 


    101 Powerful Women Conference

    June 27, 2007

    101 Powerful Women (and a few good men)  October 13th, 2007 San Diego, CA. Don’t miss this exciting conference that was sold out last year.  I’ll be talking about my new book Beyond The Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction. I will also be available for a book signing after the all day conference! To view the conference brochure and to register go to