Beyond the Secret Red Sunset Book Image

I’m so excited about my new book cover, which was a collaborative effort with my publisher Hampton Roads.  On the cover of my boo the red seal on The Secret book cover has broken open and what has been revealed is not the secret of the law of attraction, but the “real” secret which is the secret of Spirit!  Here the red seal has turned into a red sunset, a significant image to me as it represents a peak mystical episode in my life. 

As those who read my book will discover, I have known about the law of attraction since the mid 1980’s!  That is over twenty years of attempting to understand this law and relate it to other laws discussed in my book such as the law of repulse, the law of service, and the law of sacrifice.  Yet, despite knowledge of the law of attraction in the mid 1990’s my life was not exactly in alignment with what I was trying to attract to myself. 

Spirit had a attracted to me a different kind of life, one that would increasingly lead me to a richer level of spiritual abundance.  Still, my ego (my small self) had a hard time accepting what Spirit was wanting me to do and got into quite a funk.  Attempting to cope, I did what I often was inclined to do, I took a long drive, this one along one of the more beautiful drives in the world — the Central California Coast. 

Arriving in the Big Sur region I pulled my car over to the side of the road and went into meditation to reflect on the state of my life.  As I meditated I allowed myself to be comforted by the mountains behind me, the ocean before me, and before too long the sun started to set splashing beautiful red hues around it.  Surrounded by that profound beauty it seemed as if an inner voice spoke to me inviting me to more closely examine my life.

Focusing in the present moment I was instructed to really notice the objects of beauty around me — mountains, ocean, sun, and emerging stars.  Though these would ultimatey not last forever, compared to other aspects of my life (people and a long list of stuff), they represented far more permanence than people or any material possessions ever would.  “What would it be like,” the voice inquired of me, “if you learned to rely less on stuff and people for your well being, and deepened your connection to these more lasting symbols of Spirit — mountains, ocean, the stars and sun?” 

The voice next encouraged me to close my eyes and pretend that everything and everyone I had ever wanted, or had ever attracted, into my life was suddenly gone.  “Consider,” the voice asked of me, “If all outer forms are gone, what remains? Deepen your connection to Spirit.  See if you can let everything else fade away.” 

I then opened my eyes and appreciated even more the necessity of becoming unattached to impermanent things (like stuff), and more attached to relatively more permanent things (like Spirit and nature).  I repeated this open and closed eye stance several times wiping away all desire to attract, or become overly attached, to the people and stuff of this world, while at the same time becoming more attached, or attracted to, spiritual principles and values. 

In time, my breathing coordinated with the opening and closing of my eyes.  As I did this, a profound stillness and peace descended on me, bringing about a deep state of inner contentment.  What freedom in becoming desire-less!  What freedom in knowing that I am already Spirit and therefore already have everything I essentially need!  What a gift to feel truly happy and at peace, not because I attracted a soul mate, or acquired some stuff, but because I was remembering who I really am as Spirit — at-one with God!

Though at times I still sink into “forgetfulness” of my real identity as Spirit, it helps to remind myself of this real identity with visual triggers like sunsets, stars overhead, and space at night.   Likewise, when you see the red sunset on the cover of my new Beyond the Secret book, I hope you experience an invitation to desire to attract spiritual abundance in your life! It really is the means of attracting lasting joy and peace.

Note: shows previous cover.  Book will be delivered with red sunset cover as shown on this site.

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