Miles Levin Dies at Age 18 – An Example of Spiritual Attraction!

In Beyond the Secret I challenge the assumption often put forward in Law of Attraction books that we only get disease due to our negative thoughts and feelings.  I share in my book how there are many reasons we may get a disease, how disease can even become an act of service to others.  I state that in my perfect world no one would ever suffer from an illness.  But, if my world can’t be as perfect as I would like, then I am so hugely grateful for people like Miles Levin who know how to make what I call “soul stories” out of whatever happens to them in life! 

Here is a quote from Miles… …your biological vitality means very little – having a beating heart and operational lungs does not define you. Your effect on the world around you does. Once you fulfill that service, your shift is done. You’re off work and it’s time to go home. (July 4, 2006)

Learn more about this incredible young man and how he impacted millions in a positive way through the graceful and spiritual way he handled his cancer.  What an example of “spiritual attraction” where someone is determined to attract spiritual values and be of service!  And what a reminder that attracting spiritual abundance over material abundance is what we are really here for.

Start learning about Miles story here… Miles Levin Blog

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