Are You Using Your Ego to Attract?

The major premise of Beyond the Secret is built on the fact that yes, we do attract according to whatever vibrational state we are in.  So, are you vibrating at the level of the ego and attracting what you want from that place, or are you attracting from the level of your soul, which will help you really acquire what you need from Spirit to live a truly joyous life?

Naturally, I’m especially curious and always seeking to improve my understanding of how to discern between the vibrational levels of ego and what I call the soul.  So, today I was delighted to discover a new book that will soon be released called egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability) by David Marcum and Steven Smith.  As I share in Beyond the Secret all of us have an ego that part of ourselves that appears separate and distinct from others.  Although Spirit ultimately wants us to see the illusory nature of the ego and seeks to negate our experience of ego altogether as we become aware of the reality of our essential oneness, ego plays its part in the manifest world.  So, how do distinquish between a healthy (or soul-infused ego) and an unhealthy (selfish) one?  In Beyond the Secret I mention one way is to spot how ego constantly attempts to play the “see me” game.  This “see me” game is especially apparent in the new book by Marcum and Smith, because that is really what they refer to, the unhealthy ways ego defends, protects, projects, isolates, insolates, etc. to maintain its sense of importance and chronic self-reference. 

Their book also reveals as Beyond the Secret shares the dangers of too much positive thinking!   This is similar to what my book shares in the Spirit and Others chapter when I speak about how an overly positive attitude can actually cause you to distort reality.  Because you don’t see things clearly, you are incapable of assessing, responding, and attracting clearly.  How much better to attract to yourself the soul quality of clear perception, or seeing, first before indulging too much in conscious use of the law of attraction!   

Want to learn more about the egonomics book?  Check out the authors blog at

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