Because You are No-Thing, There is Nothing to Attract!

Perhaps the most radical statement I can make is the one that asserts in truth the law of attraction is a complete illusion and in the purest sense doesn’t even exist!  How can a law of attraction teacher say such a thing?  As my book Beyond the Secret shares the greatest secret you can discover has nothing to do with the law of attraction.  Rather it has to do with the secret of Spirit.  And, what the secret of Spirit reveals to you is that as Spirit you are already everything and everyone.  Which means you already have and are everything — so there is nothing to attract!  Which is why in my book I replace the steps of Ask, Believe, and Receive with Surrender, Align, and Contribute.

How can it be that you already have everything so there is nothing to attract?  Especially if your life appears to be filled with a mountain of lack, what I am saying here can seem totally ridiculous.  You may be able to point to a lot of things you believe you need to ask for, believe in, and receive.  You can easily tell yourself I lack the money I need, the car I want, the relationship that will make me happy, so forth and so on.

Yes, to live in this world you need a few things.  To stay alive you need oxygen, some water, and food now and then (it is anticipated that most people could still survive even if they had not eaten in ten days if they still could breath and had some minimal water).  Apart from this you mainly need the will to live.  Most people derive that will to live not because they believe they have something they need to go and get, but because they have something they still need to go out and do, or contribute.

Remember the “you” that comes from a place of lack is quite simply your ego.  It is that part of you that believes it is separate from Spirit (or God) and everyone and everything around you.  Because “you” lack, you need.  And, since the ego is hugely afraid of loss, it tends to fill up the empty hole of lack within by demanding to be filled up with a lot of outer stuff.   That’s what makes the law of attraction such a powerful tool for the ego.  It gives the ego an endless reason to keep experiencing lack, so it can use the law of attraction to keep asking what it believes God needs to keep giving it so it can keep receiving.  This creates a strange sort of confused thinking.  You believe you are “one with god”, but instead of letting that lead you to a place of fullness allowing you to feel at one with everything and everyone, it makes you feel separate, empty and full of lack!  How mixed up is that?  And, how does this distortion happen?  Because it is the ego that is doing the asking, believing, and receiving.  In fact, the really big ego even goes so far as to insist that it has the right to demand whatever it wants from Spirit and that Spirit should give the ego anything it asks for!  As Beyond the Secret reveals this is also known as narcissim and is about as far as you can get from any authentic spiritual teaching or practice. 

“But,” I can almost hear you gasping and sputtering, “it is so obvious in my life that I lack things, and therefore I need things — like health, money, relationships, cars, trips, etc.” As my book reveals, I agree!  From the standpoint of my ego time and again it makes sense to me that I have the things that my ego believes it should have.  Yet, over and over again when I surrender to what is, when I align with Spirit and let it guide me, lots of things my ego believes it should have turn out to be precisely the things that keep me from experiencing true at-one-ment with Spirit, which is the real source of joy, bliss, and inner peace.

In fact, an exercise that I practice on a regular basis (that was cut from my book due to length) is to assert to myself when my ego gets into its lack phase that as Spirit I am the no-thing.  Because I am no-thing, no amount of “things” can truly bring fulfillment.  As Spirit since I am also everything, I already have it all anyway, so what the heck am I complaining about?  The actual technique I use is quite long and perhaps at another point in time I will blog it here.  All I can say is when I am done with this process of emptying out my need to attract anything, I enter into a state of tremendous fulfillment.  I tap into a source of so much light, love, and power that at times it feels like the atoms of my body are going to explode.  No relationship, no fancy sports car, no home on the beach has ever, EVER, given me a fraction of the same inner fulfillment as these small tastes of Spirit give me when I am blessed to enter into them.  It has helped me to understand why some of the great mystics like Ramakrishna are constantly blissing out and so overwhelmed with joy!  It is like all their hormones are saturating the body with the powerful chemical reactions of deep connectedness with all that already is!  And, they are not attracting it.  They are just surrendering to it.  They are just open to receiving what already is.

OK!  Digressing from this spiritual practice and lofty place, I understand.  The ego is a really tricky thing.  Mine does a great number on me all the time of trying to convince me that I lack this and need that.  I stumble through life tripping into focusing on what I want and feeling all sad that I don’t have it and wanting to demand I get it as well.  The shift from Ask, Believe, and Receive to Surrender, Align, and Contribute is not always easy.  Like you I am a work in progress.  But, I hope together we can bridge the gap between using the law of attraction in an egotistical versus a spiritual way, and bring greater peace, understanding, joy, and love into all of our lives as we do.    

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