The Law of Attraction and the 11th Hour Film

In Beyond the Secret I emphasize that I agree with that “You” manifest your reality.  But, who is the “you” doing the attracting and at what level of consciousness is it operating?  My life passion is to help people make that shift in consciousness from an ego based approach (and use of the Law of Attraction) to a spiritual approach.  I mention in the book the work of Al Gore and the project to help bring attention to the fact that unlike what The Secret book emphasizes we can no longer survive a philosophy that acts as if everyone is entitled to consume as much as they want to live a happy life.

This weekend another film is being released called the 11th Hour that speaks once again to the fundamental and immediate need for us to shift our consciousness and our use of the Law of Attraction.  As I say in Beyond the Secret, the law of attraction is neutral.  It can be used in both a positive and negative way.  NOW is the time to wake up and as I express with passion in the last chapter of my book to shift our consciousness so as the 11th Hour trailer says we can be the generation to finally change the world! 

Want to see the 11th Hour?  Visit for details.  You can also learn what we need to attract NOW to avert this impending serious crisis.

From the heart,

Dr. Lisa Love 

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