Outrageous Joy Comes from Love

Another way I agree with the Abraham-Hicks teachings is when they affirm that you are here to experience what they call Well-Being.  As you experience this you will understand you are adored and blessed.  This is what I call love.  The Hicks also go on to express how the Universe is lining up to help you experience this energy of love so that all events you are co-creating can fulfill, satisfy and please you, giving you more joy in the moment.

In my own mystical experiences I have at times been saturated with this energy of love.  And, I have at times used salt water as a metaphor for love.  Salt water exists in our oceans, air, and even in our bodies.  Like love it is everywhere.  Ironically, when we drink salt water we have a difficult time assimilating it.  In many ways the same is true of love.  Real love, not the false love I speak about in my Beyond the Secret book, vibrates at the level of the soul.  Many people fail to recognize and access real love because like salt water they don’t know how to assimilate it.  How do we do this?  By learning to vibrate to the frequency of real love by becoming truly loving — and soulful — individuals. 

But, here is the paradox and where the Abraham – Hicks books can hit the skids and take you down a rather slippery slope.  Because these statements about Well Being are followed quickly by statements that indicate that because the Universe is loving, it is here to give you anything, yes anything, you desire or want!  If you are not getting what you want the reason is simple.  You are “holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire.  That is the only reason – ever!”  (Hicks, 2004, Ask and It is Given, p. 15)  

My own experiences, religious, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual training have shown me that I couldn’t disagree more!  You see when we vibrate at the level of the soul and access the energy field of love all around us, we want less, and not more!  Much like the St. Francis prayer in the Tap Into Your Feelings Chapter in my book, our whole orientation shifts and we discover a wonderful thing that many spiritual teachings reveal, it is in giving we receive!  Because as we align with source we empty out!  The more we empty, the more room we have to be fulfilled again.  That is why I state that the path to real Well Being is the path of Surrender, Align, and Contribute!  That is the path to outrageous joy and love!  But, instead of seeing how much “stuff out there” you can want, attract to yourself, and fill up with, you see how much “space in here” you can create so there is room for you to be truly fulfilled. 

And, every — yes I mean every — ecstatic experience I have ever had, hasn’t been about thinking about what I want and figuring out how to get it.  It has always, always, always, been about surrender!  Like orgasm, it is about relaxing, getting out of your mind (its plans, designs, beliefs), opening up, letting go, and taking a leap of not knowing, just BEING.  That is true Well – Being.  Many years ago I called it Well -Fullness.  You empty out your well so it can become full.  There is the joy!  There is the love!  There is so much bliss and peace.  Those who have tasted it know.  And, they will never be the same again.  May you be blessed to one day empty out enough in surrender to get one taste (which will start to raise your vibration enough that you will then get many tastes) as well.

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