Rebuilding After Crisis: An Opportunity for All Law of Attraction Practictioners

October 24, 2007

9/11, Katrina, The California Fires.  Crises happen and demonstrate the law of repulse in motion as something is lost.  These crises can be huge and involve millions, or small and involve mainly ourselves and a few family members or friends.  After anything is repulsed in our lives, we have an opportunity to attract something new.  Will we do so in the usual “same-ol’, same ol'” state of consciousness?  Or, lift ourselves to a more expanded state of conciousness where we can attract to ourselves a better life and better world.  Using the ten step process (grouped into ONE, TWO, THREE) in my book, I would like to illustrate a new law of attraction approach.


Remember, the “same ol'” approach happens when you attract anything from the same old state of consciousness.  Especially after a major crisis, it is time to practice the ONE steps.  Here are examples:

Orient Towards Spirit — Time to expand to include the whole.  Seek to understand things from a broad spiritual persepective.  Regarding the recent fires consider that these types of crises are not only limited to you, Southern California, or even the United States.  That’s why I posted earlier about global warming and the CNN Planet in Peril special being broadcast.  These fires are due a lot to draught!  Draught is due to global warming.  Global warming is a massive crisis going on all over. 

Negate the Ego – I write in my book that the ego lives in fear and is always afraid of loss.  It also plays the “See Me” game, see how alone I am, traumatized, etc.  There is nothing wrong with fear, as I write in my book it has its uses, but the more we can expand beyond it, the more we can become proactive, create soul stories, and attract what we need NOW.  We see the ego at work whenever it stops us from coping well.  We also see it at work when we use crisis to take unfair advantage of others attracting to ourselves only that which is for our own personal gain.

Engage the Soul – The soul works mainly through love.  I have been impressed by the love and care I am viewing with friends, family, neighbors, members of the Southern California community.  Love brings us courage.  Love gives us faith. Love causes us to step up and care about others.  Love leads us into service.  Instead of “what’s in it for me?” we ask, “How can I help?” and we attract the solutions we need to be of service in an effective way.


Take Time to Align — Since we have taken time to expand our consciousness we can now align our mind, emotions, and actions with the new ways we need to think, feel, and behave.  Do we need to rethink how we will approach the overall problem of global warming?  How we use existing water resources?  The kinds of homes we build?  Can we feel excited about an opportunity to implement new ways of rebuilding our lives and the overall community?  Will this excitement move us into action to do what’s new, instead of rebuilding along the same old lines because we live in and therefore keep attracting from the same old state of consciousness?

Watch and Listen – Especially after crisis it is time to meditate on the new solutions.  What are they, not only for ourselves, but related to how we are called to serve others to create and attract a more life sustaining future for the human race and our planet overall?

Order Your Thoughts – All those visualizations, affirmations etc will be based on your old, or new, state of consciousness.  If you haven’t done the ONE steps, it will most likely be the same old stuff you attract to yourself.  That’s why my book emphasizes the need to practice the ONE steps before you begin to move to the TWO steps.


Tap Into Your Feelings – Many law of attraction books as I have written help primarily here, helping you to elevate your feelings.  Of course, as my book illustrates, there are different approaches to this that come from other techniques such as Rational Emotive Therapy (around since the 1950’s) and Focusing (around since the 1970’s).  Consider working with your feelings using those methods as well.  As you do so you will be able to move forward in the most constructive way.  And if you have practiced the ONE steps, you will be more likely to “feel good” by “doing good” as well.

Highlight the Shadow in Others – When watching TV about the recent fires, some positive things have happened in the way people are coming together in a more effective way than they did in the San Diego fires 4 years ago.  But, I am also hearing stories of how 4 years ago many recommendations were made to help the area fight fires more effectively that were never followed.  Remember, as I write, the old will resist the new.  The old will want to attract the “same ol’, same ol'” way of being.  The more you can be aware of how this will happen, the more you can work through this resistence constructively.

Remove the Shadow From Yourself – Which is what the ONE steps help you do.  They expand your consciousness so you know how you can be different.  However, we all have experienced resistence.  When I work with clients I call this the “what’s stopping you” process.  And, most of my work (especially due to my extensive training and decades of experience), is along the lines of helping people get the breakthroughs they need so they can finally change not only their thoughts and feelings, but their behaviors as well.

Execute and Easy Does It!  – Which as I write in my book requires a lot of skill as we manifest. 

Overall, those of us who practice law of attraction techniques have a huge opportunity here.  But, only if we stop using the law of attraction in the same old ways.  That’s why I am grateful if you are reading this post, or have read my book, because we can create the revolution of heart needed as we use the law of attraction that is so needed right now in our world.


Shelter From the Fire – A Spiritual Attraction Blessing

October 23, 2007

After breathing smoke for more than twenty-four hours inside my home and coping with fires all around, I finally evaucated my residence this morning.  On my way out of the San Diego area I went through the Fallbrook fire, escorted by police up the freeway.  When I arrived at my destination, I discovered there was no Internet where I was scheduled to stay.  I went out to get something to eat and asked if anyone knew a reasonably priced place with Internet.  Turns out, there was a VERY NICE place with Internet sheltering people from the fire for only $35 a night (normally this room is $175)!  Imagine!  So, here I am writing to you once again living the teaching from my book.  When Spirit guides us and attracts what we need, instead of our egos attempting to figure it all out, we receive blessings that our egos can’t even comprehend.  By staying open to the blessings of Spirit even when an apparent “no” seems like a bummer to our ego, we get blessed not only financially, but by being recipient’s of, and witnesses to, the good and loving hearts of others!

Bob & Sheri – Spiritual Attraction in Action

October 22, 2007

Recently I discovered that I am going to be featured on the Bob and Sheri Radio Show this Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 9:00 am EST (6:00 am PST).  So, I went to learn more about them and was delighted to see this information on Sheri’s blog, as Sheri attempts to make us more aware of WORLD VISION and the urgent need for help in the Dominican Republic!

The following excerpts can be found on her blog  ….  “It’s hard to fathom this kind of extreme poverty, right at our doorstep.  ….The third poorest country in the world – how poor is that, exactly?  The average annual income in the Dominican Republic is $2,080 USD.  By comparison, the average median income in the United States – $43,318 – is just over 20 times that number….  World Vision, founded over 50 years ago and today the fifth largest relief organization in the world, operates on a simple principal.  One sponsor coming alongside one child, and, at minimal cost, providing access to better nutrition, clean drinking water, healthcare, and educational opportunities.  Sponsorship, like World Vision itself, isn’t about charity; it’s about finding solutions to root causes of poverty.  It’s about helping to create the environment and the opportunity for communities to become self-sustaining.  It’s about developing that most precious and valuable resource, the one found in even the most wretched and forgotten places: children. ”


As you can see from Sheri’s beautiful face in her pictures on her blog, and in her other blogs (like the one about Breast Cancer), it is all about the joy we get in giving and attracting to others, not just ourselves, the abundance we are all met to have!

Sheri, you are a joy!

Bless you!

You can learn more about World Vision and view videos and photos of Sheri’s trip at

Living in the Fire

October 22, 2007

As I write this the environment outside my home is filled with soot and smoke.  Over 260,000 people have been evacuated nearby.  I hear the sounds of sirens on a frequent basis and stories are coming in from all over regarding how this series of fires (in San Diego), and those in other parts of California, may be the worst ever. 

I am also aware that tonight CNN is putting on a special on Draughts and Fires as a prelude to its special tomorrow night, Planet in Peril.  It all reminds me why I wrote my book and how those of us who use the law of attraction have a tremendous opportunity to serve!

You see, I believe we are uniquely equipped to become revolutionaries of the heart!  What a chance to lift out of fear into love using law of attraction techniques and to be motivated to give and serve in whatever way we can those around us.  And, what a larger opportunity to use the ten steps in my book to devise ways to create a new kind of world.  A world based as I have said on…

Love over fear.  (Since fear is typically ego based and rooted in its fear of loss, and inability to know that Spirit is eternal, even when stuff is not).

Contribution over consumption.  (Meaning we live from spiritual principles that impulse us to be of real service to others, leading with what we know we are here to give and contribute, instead of just focusing on what we are here to get).

Being over doing.  (Which leads to a lifestyle where everyone has more time to relate to each other, themselves, our loved ones, and communities, instead of being caught up in an endless cycle of constant work just so we can attract more stuff to ourselves).

Feeling good by doing good.  (Because we know how great it really feels to leave a better world behind us and a legacy of dong the right thing so those we love can live a better life, instead of just focusing on what feels good for only us).

These are some of the basic teachings in the way I use the Law of Attraction.  And, as the fires burn right now, I hope they create a burning fire in the hearts of everyone who uses the Law of Attraction to want to use it in a far more spiritual way. In this way we have a huge opportunity to make a radical change in the world, and to attract a new way of living and being where all people are served.

Endorsements for Beyond the Secret By Well-Known Authors

October 22, 2007

I am absolutely thrilled that so many well-known authors have gotten behind my book.  Here is a list of a few.

There are natural laws in the universe and the Law of Attraction is one of them.  But the secret to using this law well comes from using it in a spiritual way.  With humor, insight, and compassion Beyond “The Secret” details basic spiritual principles that are useful in helping you attract what you need to truly live a meaningful and rewarding life.  I highly recommend this book.  -John St. Augustine, Radio Host, XM Satellite, Oprah and Friends and author, Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21 Extraordinary People

The wisdom of the ages keeps being rediscovered and presented to us in various forms. When it is done so in a meaningful and practical way, as it is in Lisa Love’s book, it is worth reading. There is a great deal of wisdom to be learned from her words and examples, which can easily be applied to one’s life so that you live a joyful and meaningful life. Reading this book can help you to find happiness and when you do you will be a success. While reading books which try to make you a success will not make you happy. — Bernie Siegel, MD author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Prescriptions For Living

The much-ballyhooed Law of Attraction should come with a warning — Oscar Wilde’s observation that “When the gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers.”  It is no secret that people attract what they want; the key is to want the right things, for the right reasons.  BEYOND ‘THE SECRET’ is a valuable step in this direction.” Larry Dossey, MD, Author:  THE EXTRAORDINARY HEALING POWER OF ORDINARY THINGS 

“OK, so what if we can attract some of the things we desire? As Lisa Love makes abundantly clear, what is far more important is learning what is worth desiring in the first place.” — Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. University of California Medical School, author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices

Spirit communicates to us in a variety of ways–through intuition and seemingly chance occurrences.  By learning to listen to our heart and intuition, we have already started attracting what is in alignment with our in-born purpose. Beyond “The Secret” reveals the true nature of Law of Attraction, so that we may avoid the pitfalls of spiritual grasping and fulfill our true service to the world.” — Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., author of The Purpose of Your Life 

Beyond “The Secret” artfully reveals how too often our ego takes over when we use the Law of Attraction and how that sidetracks us from true spiritual pursuit.  By clarifying how to distinguish between what your ego wants from what Spirit wants for you, Dr. Love skillfully helps readers attract more of what will bring them true joy and peace.  Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.  author Forgive for Good and the Forgiveness Factor.

“Written in a clear and inviting manner, Beyond “The Secret” is a bold and fearless attempt to get readers to understand the difference between using the Law of Attraction in an egotistical, versus a spiritual way.  A very important book, indeed!” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Embracing Uncertainty and The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love

In relationships, healing, and life it helps to know the true “secret” of what Spirit wants for your life.  You can attract what your ego believes you need to be happy, or you can attract what Spirit wants for you.  By showing readers how to use the Law of Attraction in a spiritual way, Dr. Love, significantly advances the understanding of this powerful law. – Bettie Youngs, Ph.D. author of The House that Love Built: The Story of Millard and Linda Fuller, Founders of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing 

BEYOND THE SECRET will guide you on the path of fulfillment. Learn how to manifest from the inside, out and not only realize your deepest desires but help co-create a better world for the highest good of all.  ——Jean-Marie Hamel, Ph.D., author of Living From the Inside Out and host on Progressive Radio Network 

This book is a much needed wake up call.  Spiritual wholeness can not be found by simply using the Law of Attraction for financial or material gains.  Dr. Love explains that when you are in alignment with your true calling, abundance will be plentiful in every area of your life.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel a connection to their divine purpose.  Jenniffer Weigel; Emmy Award Winning Reporter and author of Stay Tuned:  Conversations with Dad from The Other Side  

When I first saw “The Secret” on DVD I had some concerns about the simplistic manner used in conveying the message of The Law of Attraction” especially to those who were not too familiar with the concept. What I loved most about Lisa Love’s book “Beyond the Secret is that it explains in a simple yet thorough manner to the layperson what and how to use The Law of Attraction. It does not embellish any false perceptions about the possibility of ‘winning the lotto’ to someone who maybe in a severe economic situation.
This is an honest and engaging book that will take you ‘Beyond The Secret’. –Samira Rao, author of Living in Chaos is Living in Stability

“This book is not only a wonderful response to the idea of the law of attraction but a guide as to how to manifest through faith what you need to be of the greatest service rather than what you may think you want. If the motives are pure the reward is always far greater than anything we may desire.” — Calina Burns-Owner & VP CBuJ Entertainment, BOD member Lymphatic Research Foundation

“The Law of Attraction can be an amazing tool for getting what we want in life, but are we really making the world a better place by wishing for sports cars and vacation homes? There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and goals, but they must be in alignment with what’s good for us, and for our world. That’s why Lisa Love’s book, Beyond the Secret, is recommended reading for anyone seeking to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what they want in life. Dr. Love shows us the difference between focusing on what’s good, and what is right. It’s an important distinction that can greatly affect our happiness and definition of success.”—Susan M. Heim, author, It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy Through Adolescence

In a very personable and accessible style, Lisa Love’s Beyond the Secret reveals essential insights into The Law of Attraction often neglected in popular books on the subject, and helps us understand the Law of Service.  She offers spiritual techniques for attracting financial resources to express our deeper purpose in the world and avoiding the pitfalls of greed and isolation.  I highly recommend it.” — Corinne McLaughlin, co-author, Spiritual Politics and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership. 

Is the Spiritual Use of the Law of Attraction Incompatible with Standard LOA Teachings?

October 22, 2007

The following was sent to me by way of Email today.  Yes, if a spiritual use of the law of attraction is incompatible with what others may teach about the law of attraction, I will stand by the spiritual use instead.  But, is a spiritual use of the law of attraction really incompatible with what most teachers (many of them highly spiritual themselves) believe?  You decide.  The Email and my response is below. 

Hello Dr. Love,
First I would like to say that I am sure that you have written a wonderful book. But having read some of your blog, I feel that you work contradicts what is shared in our group.  I teach based on my healing practiced, which at it’s core philosophy, uses the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  That works for me and I am in 100% alignment with what they teach.
I think at this time I feel that having you promote your book/services would not be a good fit for my groups.
Thank you for your inquiry though.
Healing LOA

Hi Healing LOA,

What a wonderful gift that you took time to read my blog.  It surprises me to think that what I write might contridict what you teach.  I write that we should come from the soul, not the ego, in our use of the Law of Attraction.  That we are better served by coming from a desire to contribute, than merely consume, in what we attempt to attract in this world.  I write that before we use the Law of Attraction we need to be anchored in spiritual values and desire to mainly wish to attract to ourselves a state of consciousness where we want to most of all become loving, kind, compassionate individuals, instead of just wanting more and more stuff for ourselves. 

I have read all the Hicks books and very much appreciate them.  I do not agree, however, that the Universe is here to give you anything you want and is simply an amoral place willing to grant any wish of anyone even if it is very destructive.  I think the Universe is a little more conscious than that.  I think the Universe desires most of all for all of us to become spiritual, loving, inclusive, and conscious human beings.  And, the more we become like this, the more we want everyone to prosper, which is why we often shift to a value system of wanting to live more simply, so people can simply live.

Regardless, I greatly respect that you took so much time and effort learning about me and wish you great success in your healing work.

Love and light,


The Genie in the Bottle! Be Careful Before You Wish!

October 20, 2007

You know that genie that is associated with the Law of Attraction?  That helps you get what ever you want if you just Ask, Believe, and Receive?  Nothing wrong with that genie, or the law of attraction.  It’s neutral afterall.  It will give you whatever you want, which is why my book Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction encourages you to know what to wish for before you get started.

But, there are some other fun facts.  The genie in that bottle is a “jinn!”  And the jinn have a long legacy in human mythology in the Western religious traditions.  (By the way they are known as the “devas” in Eastern religions).  

Whether you know it or not jinn and devas are basically amoral creatures since they have no will of their own.  They are also  considered to be both spirits (not spiritual, just spirits not of this world) and are frequently cast in the role mythologically as demons.  In Jewish tradition the jinn were associated with the Shaitan (and word that became related to Satan and at times Lucifer).  In the Christian and Islamic traditions, the jinn were often thought to be responsible for disease both physical and mental (since they could turn around and lead you astray into areas that may not be too healthy for you).  Jesus was tempted by a Jinn (known as the Devil which is a word that means lived spelled backwards and evil is live spelled backwards), and Buddha was tempted by Mara, also a jinn like creature. 

What does this mean for the rest of us and the right use of the Law of Attraction?  It means that before we let the “jinnie” out of the bottle we need to be spiritually anchored and know how to wish and what to wish for.  Only in this way will we attract spiritual abundance before material abundance.  But, too often even Law of Attraction practioners ignore all of this and act like the jinn do saying, “Go ahead, don’t think it over.  Just wish for whatever you want!” 

Which is why I wrote my book that it is important to discover the secret of Spirit before you unleash the Law of Attraction.  Put the horse before the cart and strive to be a spiritual and good person most of all.  Feel good by desiring to DO GOOD in this world.  Then the jinn will stay in the role they are meant to stay in.  They will be directed and led by those of us who strive to be conscious, caring, loving, wise, and kind to everyone around us. That’s what my book is about and what I hope all of us who use the Law of Attraction will strive to do.