The House That Love Built

I had the huge pleasure this past weekend of attending a conference that in part promoted a new book called The House That Love Built: The Story of Linda & Millard Fuller, Founders of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing by Bettie B. Youngs.  I also had the honor of meeting Linda and Millard Fuller who were examples of what I teach in my book. 

The book chronicles Millard’s early ambitions to “get rich quick” and how his quest to attract great wealth and become a multi-millionairre in his life eventually lead to the potential dissolution of his marriage with his wonderful and cherished wife, Linda.  Through their commitment to a life based upon attracting spiritual values, they turned their lives around and dedicated themselves to service and sacrifice.  The end result?  Instead of putting the emphasis on one million dollars, they give their wealth away and shift their focus to helping one million people have housing through the founding of Habitat For Humanity.   

With great faith and huge love their dedication to serve has now helped millions all over the world.  And, despite a recent crisis in 2005 where Linda and Millard were fired from the very organization they had founded and served for nearly thirty years, that faith and love continued as they quickly regrouped and established The Fuller Center for Housing so they could continue their quest to serve, and continue to do so on guiding principles of charity that is not based on the usual Law of Attraction approach of “what’s in it for me?”, but the better principle of “how can I help?” 

This is an amazingly inspiring story from two people who live the ten step process advocated in my book.  And, I total recommend it to you so you can discover why living “Beyond the Secret” can attract to you a life that is truly worth living. 

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