Why Beyond the Secret is a Radical Approach

Yes!  I have finally decided that I am a revolutionary.  As my book advocates, I think it is time we have a revolution of the heart!  It is time that we finally decide that it is more worthwhile to revolve around soul values, than egotistical ones.  And, only when we do that will we attract what is of real value in this world.  So, here is one major revolution we need to make.

We need to no longer support the notion that success is equivalent to how much stuff we acquire. 

Success needs to be based once and for all on an abudance of spiritual values and how well we implement those in our lives through service and sacrifice. 

As long as we as a whole applaud individuals who acquire a lot of material possessions at the expense of their ability to serve and do good in the world, we are doomed!  Literally!  As the 11th Hour movie reveals the approach of glorifying consumption is now causing the extinction of the entire human race!  What in the world are we doing to ourselves?  Why in the world do we want to continue to applaud individuals who do not live by basic spiritual principles, and who amass great wealth and give so little of it away.

By the way, want a closer look at how the wealthiest among us are using their money?  Check out this new book just released by Forbes on how the wealthiest 400 amongst us live and give, or fail to!  All the Money in the World: How the Forbes 400 Make–and Spend–Their Fortunes by Peter W. Bernstein and Annalyn Swan 

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