The Genie in the Bottle! Be Careful Before You Wish!

You know that genie that is associated with the Law of Attraction?  That helps you get what ever you want if you just Ask, Believe, and Receive?  Nothing wrong with that genie, or the law of attraction.  It’s neutral afterall.  It will give you whatever you want, which is why my book Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction encourages you to know what to wish for before you get started.

But, there are some other fun facts.  The genie in that bottle is a “jinn!”  And the jinn have a long legacy in human mythology in the Western religious traditions.  (By the way they are known as the “devas” in Eastern religions).  

Whether you know it or not jinn and devas are basically amoral creatures since they have no will of their own.  They are also  considered to be both spirits (not spiritual, just spirits not of this world) and are frequently cast in the role mythologically as demons.  In Jewish tradition the jinn were associated with the Shaitan (and word that became related to Satan and at times Lucifer).  In the Christian and Islamic traditions, the jinn were often thought to be responsible for disease both physical and mental (since they could turn around and lead you astray into areas that may not be too healthy for you).  Jesus was tempted by a Jinn (known as the Devil which is a word that means lived spelled backwards and evil is live spelled backwards), and Buddha was tempted by Mara, also a jinn like creature. 

What does this mean for the rest of us and the right use of the Law of Attraction?  It means that before we let the “jinnie” out of the bottle we need to be spiritually anchored and know how to wish and what to wish for.  Only in this way will we attract spiritual abundance before material abundance.  But, too often even Law of Attraction practioners ignore all of this and act like the jinn do saying, “Go ahead, don’t think it over.  Just wish for whatever you want!” 

Which is why I wrote my book that it is important to discover the secret of Spirit before you unleash the Law of Attraction.  Put the horse before the cart and strive to be a spiritual and good person most of all.  Feel good by desiring to DO GOOD in this world.  Then the jinn will stay in the role they are meant to stay in.  They will be directed and led by those of us who strive to be conscious, caring, loving, wise, and kind to everyone around us. That’s what my book is about and what I hope all of us who use the Law of Attraction will strive to do.

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