Bob & Sheri – Spiritual Attraction in Action

Recently I discovered that I am going to be featured on the Bob and Sheri Radio Show this Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 9:00 am EST (6:00 am PST).  So, I went to learn more about them and was delighted to see this information on Sheri’s blog, as Sheri attempts to make us more aware of WORLD VISION and the urgent need for help in the Dominican Republic!

The following excerpts can be found on her blog  ….  “It’s hard to fathom this kind of extreme poverty, right at our doorstep.  ….The third poorest country in the world – how poor is that, exactly?  The average annual income in the Dominican Republic is $2,080 USD.  By comparison, the average median income in the United States – $43,318 – is just over 20 times that number….  World Vision, founded over 50 years ago and today the fifth largest relief organization in the world, operates on a simple principal.  One sponsor coming alongside one child, and, at minimal cost, providing access to better nutrition, clean drinking water, healthcare, and educational opportunities.  Sponsorship, like World Vision itself, isn’t about charity; it’s about finding solutions to root causes of poverty.  It’s about helping to create the environment and the opportunity for communities to become self-sustaining.  It’s about developing that most precious and valuable resource, the one found in even the most wretched and forgotten places: children. ”


As you can see from Sheri’s beautiful face in her pictures on her blog, and in her other blogs (like the one about Breast Cancer), it is all about the joy we get in giving and attracting to others, not just ourselves, the abundance we are all met to have!

Sheri, you are a joy!

Bless you!

You can learn more about World Vision and view videos and photos of Sheri’s trip at

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