Is the Spiritual Use of the Law of Attraction Incompatible with Standard LOA Teachings?

The following was sent to me by way of Email today.  Yes, if a spiritual use of the law of attraction is incompatible with what others may teach about the law of attraction, I will stand by the spiritual use instead.  But, is a spiritual use of the law of attraction really incompatible with what most teachers (many of them highly spiritual themselves) believe?  You decide.  The Email and my response is below. 

Hello Dr. Love,
First I would like to say that I am sure that you have written a wonderful book. But having read some of your blog, I feel that you work contradicts what is shared in our group.  I teach based on my healing practiced, which at it’s core philosophy, uses the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  That works for me and I am in 100% alignment with what they teach.
I think at this time I feel that having you promote your book/services would not be a good fit for my groups.
Thank you for your inquiry though.
Healing LOA

Hi Healing LOA,

What a wonderful gift that you took time to read my blog.  It surprises me to think that what I write might contridict what you teach.  I write that we should come from the soul, not the ego, in our use of the Law of Attraction.  That we are better served by coming from a desire to contribute, than merely consume, in what we attempt to attract in this world.  I write that before we use the Law of Attraction we need to be anchored in spiritual values and desire to mainly wish to attract to ourselves a state of consciousness where we want to most of all become loving, kind, compassionate individuals, instead of just wanting more and more stuff for ourselves. 

I have read all the Hicks books and very much appreciate them.  I do not agree, however, that the Universe is here to give you anything you want and is simply an amoral place willing to grant any wish of anyone even if it is very destructive.  I think the Universe is a little more conscious than that.  I think the Universe desires most of all for all of us to become spiritual, loving, inclusive, and conscious human beings.  And, the more we become like this, the more we want everyone to prosper, which is why we often shift to a value system of wanting to live more simply, so people can simply live.

Regardless, I greatly respect that you took so much time and effort learning about me and wish you great success in your healing work.

Love and light,


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