Shelter From the Fire – A Spiritual Attraction Blessing

After breathing smoke for more than twenty-four hours inside my home and coping with fires all around, I finally evaucated my residence this morning.  On my way out of the San Diego area I went through the Fallbrook fire, escorted by police up the freeway.  When I arrived at my destination, I discovered there was no Internet where I was scheduled to stay.  I went out to get something to eat and asked if anyone knew a reasonably priced place with Internet.  Turns out, there was a VERY NICE place with Internet sheltering people from the fire for only $35 a night (normally this room is $175)!  Imagine!  So, here I am writing to you once again living the teaching from my book.  When Spirit guides us and attracts what we need, instead of our egos attempting to figure it all out, we receive blessings that our egos can’t even comprehend.  By staying open to the blessings of Spirit even when an apparent “no” seems like a bummer to our ego, we get blessed not only financially, but by being recipient’s of, and witnesses to, the good and loving hearts of others!

One Response to Shelter From the Fire – A Spiritual Attraction Blessing

  1. joe2325 says:

    I came across your photo and reference to the book tonight…well this morning and may just have to purchase your book after reading this………joe

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