Beyond the Secret Law of Attraction Teleclass Meetup Group

April 20, 2008

Meetup by Teleclass with authors and leaders in the fields of spirituality and the law of attraction who are using The Law of Attraction to attract abundance/prosperity and getting what one desires in a way that is spiritually aligned and benefits others, not just yourself.

Our meetings by way of Teleclass will be bi-weekly as we get started. If popularity and demand continue they will grow to weekly Teleclass meetups.

Live weekend events are also an upcoming possiblity for bringing in notable speakers, networking, and attending “playshops” as we learn to both manifest and make the difference in the world we are meant to!

These live events will at times be in the San Diego area where this group originates. But, events may also take place in other cities, happen as retreats in beautiful areas, or through one of my favorite venues on a cruise ship!

Hey, what can I say? The founder of this group has long been manifesting a global and mobile lifestyle. She just thinks it would be more fun to have friends along so together we can attract and spread our vibrant energy and creativity around the world and have fun and make new friends at the same time! Let’s go!

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