Are THE SECRET authors catching up to my BEYOND THE SECRET book?

More and more I am both amused and pleased that well-known authors of THE SECRET are finally catching up to ideas I put forward well over a year ago in my <b>BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction</b> book. 

In that book I talked about how to use the law of attraction from the level of the ego and how to use it in a more spiritual way.  I stated that instead of going by the mantra ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE popularized so much in THE SECRET book and DVD, we needed to shift to SURRENDER, ALIGN, AND CONTRIBUTE.

Now, here is a public question for all of you.  Though I am pleased that they are catching up to ideas in my book, I am curious as to why they have decided to use my title (which has been out for well over a year) on their campaign instead of coming up with one of their own?  Strange.  I would think they had the power to be more innovative. 

Well, regardless, I am glad some of them are starting to either express their own more spiritual points of view that they probably felt anyway before THE SECRET came out about how to use the law of attraction in a more spiritual way.  Or, they are coming around to things I said in my book anyway.  At least it is good news that others in that crowd are expressing their spiritual views more freely or are catching up.

It’s just really amusing that they are using the title and ideas from my book.  Whatever that’s about.  Imitation can be a form of flattery so I will accept the compliment in a joyful way!  Smile!  And, hope that is all that is going on here.

Oh, well.  Surrendering to the flow of what Spirit wants in this process, while posing the questions regardless.


Dr. Lisa Love


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