Beyond the Secret: Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction

March 20, 2009

Below is a listing of the Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction listed in my book
BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction.

Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction

Experience a 10 step process that will help you manifest the life you are meant to live.
It’s as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!


Orient Towards Spirit.

Know that essentially you are Spirit. As you surrender to Spirit you come from fullness, not lack. Esentially, the more fulfilled you are the less you need to attract. Rather, you become a conduit for love to emerge and find true satisfaction in living a life of service.

Negate the Ego.

Discover the ways your ego stops you from experiencing true joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind. The ego is always about grasping. It feeds on fear and encourages a constant feeling of lack. Thus, you learn to observe your ego and infuse it with Spirit overtime negating it’s constant tendency to play what I call “The See Me Game”, which always calls attention to your little self.

Engage the Soul.

The soul is the bridge between Spirit and the ego. Essentially, the soul is consciousness and love. the ego is ultimately only diminished through love. As you engage the soul you clarify and strengthen your values. You live a life of love. And, you create soul stories instead of ego stories to inspire and motivate you.


Take Time to Align.

As your ego becomes filled increasingly with Spirit through consciousness and love, you shift your identity increasingly to BE-NESS, or Spirit. Now, you align the thoughts, feelings, and actions that exist in the realm of the ego by cleaning up negative karma and shifting old patterns so you can live more fully in the present moment.

Watch and Listen.

The more the various aspects of your ego (thoughts, feelings, actions) align with Spirit the more you are able to enter the silence. Here within the silence you enter the flow and follow in a more natural way what Spirit (which is you) wants for you to be, have, and attract in life. The intuition is also cultivated allowing you to listen more deeply to the realm of Spirit primarily through meditation and other intuitive means.

Order Your Thoughts.

As you descend more into the realm of thought (and the lower realms of the dense world of the ego) mind-stuff is activated. Always the grasping nature of the ego needs to be avoided at this stage, as it can easily come into play. As the mind is held in the light of Spirit, a concrete plan for manifesting your service emerges. Typical law of attraction tools such as visualization, affirmations, and mind-mapping are all useful at this stage.


Tap Into Your Feelings.

Especially at the level of feelings the ego can overwhelm the original intention that Spirit is attempting to manifest and attract into your life. Learning to develop emotional mastery is especially important at this stage by understanding the gift of every emotion allowing you to use all of them in a conscious and effective way. Then your emotions can turn into a powerful tool for increasing the momentum you need to succeed to illuminate your life with love and to manifest your service lovingly into the world around you.

Highlight the Shadow in Others.

Especially as you prepare to manifest a service into the world the dense ego states of others (their thoughts, feelings, and actions) can rise up to oppose you. Learning to work with the ego states of others in a loving, detached, and effective way is important and helps you understand how to improve the situation by ideally transforming them, or if this is not possible coping with them, or if need be walking away from them altogether.

Remove the Shadow in Yourself.

As we near success in getting what we want the ego once again can rear it’s head. Jesus experienced this in the desert after his baptism and Buddha went through it under the Bodhi Tree. All the trappings of success can produce the “Shadow Side of the Law of Attraction” as we slip away from our identity with Spirit and once again get caught up in the lure of fame, wealth, beauty, and all the numerous games our egos play to try to “prove” how special we are, forgetting as Spirit all are special and we are everyone around us.

Execute and Easy Does It!

Moving into the realm of action skill is still required to manifest our service in the world. Skills inlcude the ability to develop a keen sense of timing, making sure you have something of real value to offer, and knowing how to build a support team to help you sustain what you manifest so it can come into full flowering in the world.


Dr. Lisa Love
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Are THE SECRET authors catching up to my BEYOND THE SECRET book?

January 31, 2009

More and more I am both amused and pleased that well-known authors of THE SECRET are finally catching up to ideas I put forward well over a year ago in my <b>BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction</b> book. 

In that book I talked about how to use the law of attraction from the level of the ego and how to use it in a more spiritual way.  I stated that instead of going by the mantra ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE popularized so much in THE SECRET book and DVD, we needed to shift to SURRENDER, ALIGN, AND CONTRIBUTE.

Now, here is a public question for all of you.  Though I am pleased that they are catching up to ideas in my book, I am curious as to why they have decided to use my title (which has been out for well over a year) on their campaign instead of coming up with one of their own?  Strange.  I would think they had the power to be more innovative. 

Well, regardless, I am glad some of them are starting to either express their own more spiritual points of view that they probably felt anyway before THE SECRET came out about how to use the law of attraction in a more spiritual way.  Or, they are coming around to things I said in my book anyway.  At least it is good news that others in that crowd are expressing their spiritual views more freely or are catching up.

It’s just really amusing that they are using the title and ideas from my book.  Whatever that’s about.  Imitation can be a form of flattery so I will accept the compliment in a joyful way!  Smile!  And, hope that is all that is going on here.

Oh, well.  Surrendering to the flow of what Spirit wants in this process, while posing the questions regardless.


Dr. Lisa Love

Ways BEYOND THE SECRET Differs From The Secret

January 14, 2008

Excerpt from BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction 

Throughout this book I have attempted to reveal to you a “secret” that is much more profound and meaningful to your life than the one illustrated in The Secret.  It is my hope this book sets you on a more solid path so you can use the law of attraction safely and well.  Along these lines let me clarify succinctly the contrasts that exist between The Secret and Beyond the Secret so you when using the law of attraction you will no longer be misled or confused.  Some assertions of The Secret that differ from Beyond the Secret .   

1. The Great Secret of Life is the law of attraction — The Secret.  The Great Secret of life is the secret of Spirit! – Beyond the Secret

2. You are the most powerful magnet in the universe – The Secret   Who are “you?”  Who is the “you” that is doing the thinking?  Your spiritual self?  Your ego?  How can you discern between the two? – Beyond the Secret

3. Ask the Universe for what you want — The Secret  Ask the Universe to reveal to you what it wants you to attract and manifest for the sake of service — Beyond the Secret

4. It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want — The Secret  The Universe may never manifest what you want especially if it is seeking to abort your egotistical impulses  — Beyond the Secret

5. Like attracts like.  Thoughts are magnetic and have a frequency – The Secret.  Yes, so strive to be and live in higher, or soul, consciousness first, or you will only attract the thoughts and magnetic frequency of the ego – Beyond the Secret

6. Thoughts become things.  – The Secret.  Consciousness becomes Being.  Learn to be more conscious so that your thoughts are not motivated by unconscious, subconscious, ignorant, or egotistical impulses – Beyond the Secret

7. Nothing can come into your experience unless you summon it through your persistent thoughts — The Secret.  Though you are essentially Spirit, the sum total of Spirit manifests in everyone and everything.  The mind of Spirit is greater than yours and It can attract events to you that you may not have thought about or wanted in the slightest for the sake of your spiritual growth — Beyond the Secret

8. You create reality — The Secret  Yes, “you” as Spirit create reality.  But “you” as a human being with a limited consciousness and brain primarily interpret reality and can do so by creating either soul stories or ego stories.  Whatever story you choose creates the direction of your dominant thought patterns and sets up the probability that you will live in either a spiritual or egotistical way on this earth — Beyond the Secret

9. A shortcut to manifesting your desires is see what you want as absolute fact — The Secret  The ego is always afraid it will not get what it wants, which is why it is prone to absolutes.  As you learn to at-one with Spirit your ego is less absolute, more humble, and more willing to let things unfold instead of always attempting to direct the show — Beyond the Secret

10. It is impossible to feel bad and have good thoughts — The Secret  It is possible to feel bad in the form of healthy guilt and shame and have bad thoughts that ultimately motivate you to want to change and become a better, more loving, and spiritual person — Beyond the Secret

11. Good feelings attract good things, bad feelings attract bad things — The Secret   There are no good and bad feelings.  Both can serve in either a positive or negative way.  Bad feelings may have a constructive purpose if they are waking your ego up to the fact that it needs to develop soul values.  Good feelings can have a destructive purpose if they lead you to feel good simply about indulging your ego. So, move beyond if a feeling is good or bad and try to discover how to use all feelings in a more conscious and spiritual way — Beyond the Secret

12. “Don’t want” means you really want it  — The Secret.  “Don’t want” can mean you don’t want it.  Both “don’t want” (the law of repulse) and “do want” (the law of attraction) are valuable in this world — Beyond the Secret

13. Only do what “feels good”  — The Secret   Attempt to do what “feels right.” Feel good by doing good — Beyond the Secret

14. Ask, believe, and receive  – The Secret.   Surrender, align, and contribute. – Beyond the Secret

15. What you resist you attract — The Secret  Yes, and the ego always resists anything that isn’t for only its own good.  Counter your ego’s resistance by learning to surrender to what Spirit wants for you — Beyond the Secret

16. To attract money, focus on wealth — The Secret  To attract money in a spiritual way, focus on service.  Spirit will deliver what you need — Beyond the Secret

17. You cannot catch any illness unless you think you can  — The Secret Even the most spiritual people amongst us may suffer from disease.  The causes for disease are numerous and are not always a result of your thoughts — Beyond the Secret

18. Love is the greatest emotion — The Secret.   Love is not an emotion, it is a choice.  Though it may be reflected into the emotions it exists beyond emotion in the realm of the soul — Beyond the Secret

19. You cannot help the world by focusing on negative things… and you only add to negativity by doing so — The Secret  Be willing to totally embrace and see head on all of the problems of the world.  You are the world.  Then use the law of service and the law of sacrifice to make the difference in the world you are meant to — Beyond the Secret

20. We will never run out of good things because there’s more than enough to go around for everyone — The Secret.  There is enough for our needs, but not our greeds.  Global warming is such a problem right now precisely because as a species we are over-consuming and pretending the good things we want to indulge our egos with will never run out.  Remember, the ego is afraid of not getting what it wants.  It shies away from service and sacrifice.  When we are truly identified with Spirit we want less, not more, because we want everyone to have enough, not just ourselves — Beyond the Secret

And finally, I would like to summarize some lessons that I would like you to take away from this book regarding the law of attraction itself.  

Remember the law of attraction is neutral.  It can be used at the level of Spirit, or the ego.

Each of us has the responsibility to learn the secret of Spirit so we are no longer tempted to feed just our egos.  Remember… 

The only difference in how you use the law of attraction is whether the motive behind using it is for egotistical or spiritual ends.         

 It isn’t always easy to understand our true motives.  The ego has a lot of tricks for deluding us.  Our ignorance, innocence, unconscious, and subconscious motives can block us from a clear perception of why we want what we do.  Of course one of the  safest bets is to want what is good for others, in addition to ourselves. 

Proof that you are using the law of attraction well comes from the overall joy you feel from being filled with love, and living a good life no matter what your outer circumstances.   

Living in this way is how I know in my own life that I am residing at the center of double dorje (spiritual enlightenment) cross.  As I often tell myself, Regardless of my outer circumstances, if my heart is happy my world is good

Again, Spirit is in everything that is and wants us ultimately to learn how to be conscious of, and loving towards, everything and everyone around us.  Though I wish for everyone, as well as myself, an abundance of money, security, good-health, friends, and happiness, I know that I wish far more for an abundance of wisdom, love, compassion, and the capacity to do good no matter what life brings anyone.  That is the joy of being at-one with spirit and living as a soul and why I leave you with this final thought:  

The real secret to the law of attraction is using it in accordance with Spirit.  Seek to attract the wisdom regarding how to do this.

I certainly hope this book has helped you along these lines.  May you be filled with love, light, and spiritual power in your search!   

Law of Attraction Coaching with Dr. Lisa Love

January 13, 2008

Law of Attraction Coaching: 

  • Use the Law of Attraction in a Spiritual Way
  • Come from Spirit and not the ego in your “wishing” process
  • Learn to “surrender, align, and contribute” instead of “ask, believe, and receive.”
  • Reach for the Holy Grail and its symbol of at-one-ment with all and service to others, instead of the “genie in the bottle” before you wish.
  • Focus more on contribution, instead of mass consumption.  Our planet just can’t sustain the mass consumption paradigm anymore!  It’s time to attract a new approach!
  • Attract a life where you have more time for Being instead of just constant doing.
  • Feel good by doing good knowing you are making a difference in the world.
  • Book in Second Printing after only two weeks!  Read the first chapter from the book.  Click here.
  • Over fifty techniques included in a ten step process based on years of my research and work with the law of attraction.

 After all, the genie in the bottle and the law of attraction are neutral.  They don’t care what kind of person you are when you ask for what you want.  That’s why the real secret isn’t knowing how to wish, it’s knowing what to wish for so that it benefits the whole and not just yourself alone.

 “OK, so what if we can attract some of the things we desire? As Lisa Love makes abundantly clear, what is far more important is learning what is worth desiring in the first place.” — Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. University of California Medical School, author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central PracticesRead more endorsements from Bernie Siegel, Carol Adrianne, Susan Jeffers, Larry Dossey, Fred Luskin and more!

 Welcome.  I am the author of the book BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction.   I started using the law of attraction in the early 1980’s.  Years later I was officially trained as a Law of Attraction coach, but I was still unhappy with the standard law of attraction approach.  That is why I spent five years researching in-depth law of attraction principles in relation to my Ph.D. dissertation on Wealth & Spirituality.  I wanted to discover how the law of attraction and “getting what you want” can be done in a spiritual way, for the good of the whole, and not just yourself!  My Law of Attraction experience is combined with numerous degrees and decades of hands on training in psychology and spirituality (most of it focused on how to build a healthy ego and then infuse it with a more spiritual self).  My spiritual background is extensive and for over ten years I was a teacher of various forms of meditation and led spiritual retreats.  

 Now, when I work with clients I use the Ten Step law of attraction process outlined in my book, BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, to help you manifest what you want in a spiritual way and in accordance with what Spirit wants for you.  I have helped hundreds of clients for decades work through fear in the attraction process to help them achieve spiritual, as well as material, abundance.  Fear comes from the ego, and too many law of attraction teachings feed both.  The more you are afraid in life and devoid of Spirit, the more stuff you need to attract to make you feel secure.  Faith comes from Spirit and a connection to the larger whole.  Ironically, the more you are connected to Spirit the more you want for others and not just yourself alone. 

Professional Background:

 Author of Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power & the Law of Attraction

  • Media and radio personality (newest radio show Talk Life Radio starting Winter 2008)
  • dating advisor
  • America Online teacher
  • top counselor
  • Syndicated columnist
  • Counselor and coach with over 25 years experience
  • Meditation teacher and author of Meditation: The Path to Peace 
  • Educator and mystic
  • Owner of 5 degrees

My clients are internationally based and through my radio programs, workshops, seminars, and at one time my website I have had the honor of touching the lives of millions of people and getting to know and work with some incredible change-makers on this Earth.  I look forward to helping you.  Please visit my website at

Beyond the Secret in Second Printing

December 9, 2007

After only a few weeks since it’s release, Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction is already in its second printing!  Thanks to the many people who have already purchased the book.  Want to find out more and hear me talk about the book?  Visit to learn more about my current radio/television, and speaking schedule.  You will also find a number of free features available on the site including audio meditations, free courses, and more!

From Consumption to Contribution: A Holiday Law of Attraction Message

November 23, 2007

On this buisest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, I was blessed with an opportunity to pre-record the Partners in Paradise show with Kat and Curtis Kencht, KKZZ, “The Connection”, 1590.  The show will air December 1st.  They had a holiday theme on giving and this is the first show I have done where I was able to get my most essential message out, that is it time to shift our mass consciousness and use the law of attraction to create a new world no longer based mass consumption, but on contribution with an emphasis on more time for being with one another.  I was able on the show to invite law of attraction groups all over to use the holiday season and the theme of light (based on the literal fact that the Earth is closest to the Sun in its orbit this time of year), to come together, meditate, and discuss with family and friends how we need to change this Earth, not through a theme of suffering and lack as the old, but in the Spirit of joyful giving and a willingness to make do with less, so we have time for more soulful connections with one another.  On that show I invited dialogue amongst all those who use the law of attraction to share their innovations on various blogs, including this one.  And, as soon as the CD of the show is sent to me I will be posting it on this site.  I hope all of us can continue to focus on changing the world through feeling good by doing good in this world, so we can make more time for Being and not just incessant doing.  Happy Holidays!  Lisa

Beyond the Secret Radio Interview

November 16, 2007

In the past few weeks as the book has launched it has been receiving increased publicity.  Recently, I linked a radio interview with myself on the Be the Star You Are show.  You can listen to the interview on the website for my book.