Happiness, The Power of Now, & The Law of Attraction

March 20, 2009
One of the most amusing things to me with some law of attraction practictioners is how they use the law of attraction to resist the present moment. An ancient spiritual truth expressed by all major religions and made more popular by Eckhart Tolle today, is how when we have the ability to fully accept and surrender to the present moment, we greatly increase happiness in life. But, sadly, many people use the law of attraction to avoid the present moment and therefore unwittingly increase the level of suffering and unhappiness in their lives. How does this happen?

Because the law of attraction propells us into a constant state where we avoid what is happening right now and spend our time in the present moment instead in a constant quest for what “should be” or what we “want to be” in the future. Example: I don’t like what is right now. Meaning I don’t like my current job, or economic situation, or relationship, or health condition, and so forth. So, I need to use the law of attraction to get out of where I am right now. Because only when I get a more attractive partner can I be happy. Only when I get more money can I be happy. Only when I lose ten more pounds can I be happy. So, I create a vision board, start doing all kinds of affirmations, whatever it takes to get out of this present moment and into what I believe a “better moment” might be. The problem is, since I have never learned to appreciate the gift of what is, right now, when I get to that next future moment (which is now the present moment), I have never learned to be content with what is, so I keep running after what I think I need next to be happy and so forth.

Ironically, the more you focus on this the more you perpetuate a chronic state of discontent and even fear. Because now is never good enough no matter what present moment you are in. By not being able to accept what is and spending all your time finding ways to run away from it, you increase unhappiness. Instead, if you could befriend the present moment by going into it more deeply, you could learn to extract the juice, the gift (such as increased awareness), and even the joy out of every moment you are in.

Example One: Avoiding the Present Moment.

You lose your job, or your partner no longer wants to be with you. You tell yourself, “This should not be.” You wail, you rage, you plot your vengence. Or, you immobilize in a state of confusion or grief and remain helpless and paralysed. In this state of great emotion you avoid the gift of right now. You run and react (instead of act) by using a law of attraction approach to help you get out of where you are now to attract a new job or new partner thinking then you will be happy. Then, all will be well. And, by doing this you become future, not present, bound.

Example Two: Accepting the Present Moment.

Here you accept as quickly as possible, “I have lost my job,” or “My partner no longer wants to be with me.” Maybe you will feel some grief, some anger, or another emotion. Instead of runnning from your feelings, you feel them. As you do so stillness emerges. Within the calm of the present moment you reawaken to the beauty of what is, right now. Gratitude swells up for what is. Depth emerges giving you the power to accept and appreciate more, what is right now. You find the gold, or the gift that lies within your present circumstances. The more you open up and trust in what this moment has to offer you, the more your sense of self expands making you more aware of not only what is, but of who you really are as a human, as the planet, and as part of the Universe.

This puts you in a state of fullness, which is why I often say in the truest sense the law of attraction doesn’t exist. Because the more you empty out your ego identity (or your limited self) and expand into your identity as Spirit (as an unlimited self), the more you appreciate that even if at the level of the ego you don’t have what you want, as Spirit you already do!

The Law of Surrender

And, in that space Spirit is attempting to reveal to you what it wants for you in this moment. It has caused the present moment for a reason. As you stay open to this possibility you avoid the usual ego tendency to run from the present moment and to create a new future based upon it’s limited understanding. Instead, you surrender to what Spirit wants in this moment, leaving you open to a number of revelations. For example. Maybe you are not meant to get a job again right now. Maybe you are meant to rest for a bit, or enter into a training program for a new line of work. Or, maybe you are not meant to have a new relationship right away again. Maybe you are meant to be single for a time so you can grow into a new you!

Staying in the present moment by first using the Law of Surrender before attempting to activate the Law of Attraction you find that in many ways, Spirit knows what is best. Opening up to what Spirit wants (which is ultimately opening up to what “you” want, since you are Spirit) not only leads you to a brighter future (or a happier succession of present moments) it leads you to serenity and peace brining you the opportunity to have a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.


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Law of Attraction Coaching with Dr. Lisa Love

January 13, 2008

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  • Come from Spirit and not the ego in your “wishing” process
  • Learn to “surrender, align, and contribute” instead of “ask, believe, and receive.”
  • Reach for the Holy Grail and its symbol of at-one-ment with all and service to others, instead of the “genie in the bottle” before you wish.
  • Focus more on contribution, instead of mass consumption.  Our planet just can’t sustain the mass consumption paradigm anymore!  It’s time to attract a new approach!
  • Attract a life where you have more time for Being instead of just constant doing.
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 After all, the genie in the bottle and the law of attraction are neutral.  They don’t care what kind of person you are when you ask for what you want.  That’s why the real secret isn’t knowing how to wish, it’s knowing what to wish for so that it benefits the whole and not just yourself alone.

 “OK, so what if we can attract some of the things we desire? As Lisa Love makes abundantly clear, what is far more important is learning what is worth desiring in the first place.” — Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. University of California Medical School, author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central PracticesRead more endorsements from Bernie Siegel, Carol Adrianne, Susan Jeffers, Larry Dossey, Fred Luskin and more!

 Welcome.  I am the author of the book BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction.   I started using the law of attraction in the early 1980’s.  Years later I was officially trained as a Law of Attraction coach, but I was still unhappy with the standard law of attraction approach.  That is why I spent five years researching in-depth law of attraction principles in relation to my Ph.D. dissertation on Wealth & Spirituality.  I wanted to discover how the law of attraction and “getting what you want” can be done in a spiritual way, for the good of the whole, and not just yourself!  My Law of Attraction experience is combined with numerous degrees and decades of hands on training in psychology and spirituality (most of it focused on how to build a healthy ego and then infuse it with a more spiritual self).  My spiritual background is extensive and for over ten years I was a teacher of various forms of meditation and led spiritual retreats.  

 Now, when I work with clients I use the Ten Step law of attraction process outlined in my book, BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, to help you manifest what you want in a spiritual way and in accordance with what Spirit wants for you.  I have helped hundreds of clients for decades work through fear in the attraction process to help them achieve spiritual, as well as material, abundance.  Fear comes from the ego, and too many law of attraction teachings feed both.  The more you are afraid in life and devoid of Spirit, the more stuff you need to attract to make you feel secure.  Faith comes from Spirit and a connection to the larger whole.  Ironically, the more you are connected to Spirit the more you want for others and not just yourself alone. 

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