Simplicity a Key to Using the Law of Attraction Spiritually

February 1, 2009
Here are some key messages about Simplicity I have found since being inspired by Obama’s Inauguration.

(Lyrics to the song they played
before Obama took the oath)

‘Tis the gift to be simple,
’tis the gift to be free.
‘Tis the gift to come down
where we ought to be.

And when we find ourselves
in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley
of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend
we shall not be ashamed.

To turn, turn
will be our delight,
‘Till by turning, turning
we come round right.


From his book, The Mystic Heart.


Why Simplicity is an Urgent Issue 


In our social realm, the adage “live simply so others may simply live” wisely demonstrates the practical efficacy of true spirituality. This dictum is a way to concentrate our minds and our efforts on changing how we live. It is not enough merely to talk about the need to change. Wee must in fact change! This change has to begin with each of us, or else our words are meaningless.

Simplicity as a virtue, knows only what is real. It will not tolerate useless complexity in how we live; it always challenges us to reduce everything to the essentials. It is not impressed with many things, but with few things used well, especially in service to others. Simplicity of life sees reality as it is: like humility, is is only comfortable with the truth. Simplicity is truth in how we live, unadorned and free. available and inviting to all, open to the world, and welcoming of its demands on us.


I took my vow of simplicity. I shall not accept more than I need while others in the world have less than they need. And that was what motivated me to bring my life down to need level for me. And, I realized that the need level of a pilgrim is about rock bottom. Most people would need much more than I need. For instance if you were called into the family pattern you would need the stability of a family center for your children. There are needs beyond physical needs. I’m not telling you that your need is the same as mine, but I’m just saying you find your need level. When I found my need level I found a wonderful harmony in my life. What I want and what I need are exactly the same. You couldn’t give me anything. I don’t need it. — Peace Pilgrim.

Simplicity of life is one of the inner resources that advances our common responsibility. It can have a major impact on altering how we relate to the earth, other species, and the poor. This element of global spirituality is necessary because we must simplify our lives if the Ecological Age does not require squandering our precious resources, degrading the environment, oppressing other species, and depriving the poor, simplicity of life reveals itself concretely as a great generosity of spirit.


Towards a Global Ethic – A Tool to Guide the Use of the Law of Attraction in a Spiritual Way

January 31, 2009

If we are seeking to use the law of attraction in a spiritual way then perhaps it helps if we know some moral and ethical guidelines to follow in helping us do so.  That is why I am posting this Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration put together by spiritual leaders from all spiritual traditions who were part of the Parliment of World’s Religions.  I hope you take the time to read it.

Musings on Moving Beyond the Ego’s Use of the Law of Attraction

January 31, 2009
While doing research on my newest book (the follow up to my Beyond the Secret book), I was reviewing some of my favorite texts from various spiritual teachers I admire. I was particularly struck by what I read in Wayne Teasdale’s THE MYSTIC HEART about some of the ideas of Thomas Keating’s writings on “the false self.”

To summarize, Teasdale shares how in our early years if we do not get what we need in the way of security, love, and a feeling of mastery and control over our environment, we will compensate for it in the following ways:

1) Not enough of security as a child — compensating with an over-emphasis on material prosperity.

2) Not enough love as a child — seeking out the approval of others (even pursuing fame to do so).

3) Not enough control as a child — attempts to dominate others at work, in the family, and everywhere!

GOODNESS! No wonder so many people stress using the law of attraction to get money, approval, and as a means to control their environments. How riddled they must be with feelings of fear, believing inside they are fundamentally unlovable, and that they are out of control in this world and need to compensate for it all by using the law of attraction to find ways to be totally in control. And, maybe this is why research showed a few years ago that despite how prosperous American’s were they scored very high on the unhappiness scale. How sad, because it means that essentially we have way too many children (both young and inside the bodies of adults still) who feel insecure, unloved, and out of control.

This said, perhaps the antidote to using the law of attraction in a more spiritual (versus egotistical way) is to show people how to feel inwardly secure (which comes about by knowing how to wisely intuit and rely upon the Divine), loved for who they are (no matter what the outer appearance of their lives), and using surrender (and my formula of Surrender-Align-Contribute) so they no longer feel the need to control and give it over more to the Divine flow!

Well, I guess that is what the spiritual quest is all about really. Learning how to heal the wounds of our childhood to help us overcome the ego and live in the light, love, joy, and freedom of the Divine!

Blessings as you pursue yours!


Beyond the Secret Law of Attraction Teleclass Meetup Group

April 20, 2008

Meetup by Teleclass with authors and leaders in the fields of spirituality and the law of attraction who are using The Law of Attraction to attract abundance/prosperity and getting what one desires in a way that is spiritually aligned and benefits others, not just yourself.

Our meetings by way of Teleclass will be bi-weekly as we get started. If popularity and demand continue they will grow to weekly Teleclass meetups.

Live weekend events are also an upcoming possiblity for bringing in notable speakers, networking, and attending “playshops” as we learn to both manifest and make the difference in the world we are meant to!

These live events will at times be in the San Diego area where this group originates. But, events may also take place in other cities, happen as retreats in beautiful areas, or through one of my favorite venues on a cruise ship!

Hey, what can I say? The founder of this group has long been manifesting a global and mobile lifestyle. She just thinks it would be more fun to have friends along so together we can attract and spread our vibrant energy and creativity around the world and have fun and make new friends at the same time! Let’s go!

Sign up for FREE here!

Harry Potter and Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction

December 21, 2007

I’ve been rewatching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix since it came out on DVD.  In doing so I have realized how much the Harry Potter series supports the ten step process I write about in my book.  The entire Harry Potter series flies in the face of the popular law of attraction notion celebrated in The Secret book that we attract bad things into our lives due to our bad thoughts and feelings, and good things because we knew how to think and feel in a good way. 

Instead, Harry Potter illuminates the fact that sometimes bad things happen to really good people, just as my book also asserts.  Bad things may also happen to good people precisely because they are good.  In developing spiritual abundance and soul values they learn to maintain their capacity to love much as Harry Potter does, and Voldermort does not.

And, it is what we tell ourselves about the events that happen in our lives, more than the events themselves, that matters.  Great things can happen to us and we can become very egotistical and self-centered people only thinking of what we gained and insensitive to how our greed and arrogance may be causing others suffering and pain.  (Note: the character of Dolores Umbridge in the Order of the Phoenix demonstrates this).  Or, bad things can happen to us and we can become filled with hate, anger, and a thirst for power, domination, and revenge as is the case with Voldermort.  They are stories we tell ourselves about events that only feed the ego in our lives. Just as Harry learns in this film we can focus on the pain and suffering and become victims surrendering our power to others, or Voldermorts dominating others.   All of these represent “ego stories” in my book. 

Or, we can tell ourselves “soul stories.”  Just as Harry is called to do by Dumbledore in the Order of the Phoenix film, we overcome pain, anger, hatred, and despair by remembering the good in our lives.  By focusing on friends, loved ones, positive memories, like Harry we overcome adversity and in many ways become even stronger, more loving, and spiritual having faced it all well.  So, if you are experiencing adversity in your life look for how you can develop spiritual values despite it.  Then, you will know what Harry knows…. love truly can conqueor all.

The Secret vs. Beyond the Secret

December 2, 2007

Here is a review I posted on about The Secret book and my thoughts on in compared to my own book.

2.0 out of 5 stars Misleads and Misses the Mark, November 15, 2007

By  Dr Lisa Love “” (Encinitas, CA United States) – See all my reviews

Take a basic principle, The Law of Attraction, which teaches you how to use your thoughts and feelings to get what you want in life. Sprinkle in a lot of hype and divorce it from deeper spiritual values and principles and you pretty much have THE SECRET. Fact is, it is no secret that people attract what they want; the key is to want the right things for the right reasons! Knowing WHAT TO WISH FOR, not merely how to wish is why I wrote my own book this year, Beyond the Secret  Here are a few of the 20 different points of disagreement I had with this book that I addressed in my own.

“You are the most powerful magnet in the Universe.” – The Secret.
“Who are ‘you?’ Who is the ‘you’ that is doing the attracting? Your spiritual self? Your ego? How can you distinquish between the two?” – Beyond the Secret

“Only do what feels good.” – The Secret
“Attempt to do what feels right. Feel good by doing good.” – Beyond the Secret 

“You cannot catch any illness unless you think you can.” – The Secret
“Even the most spiritual people amongst us may suffer from disease. The causes for disease are numerous and not always a result of your thoughts.” –
Beyond the Secret

“We never run out of good things because there’s more than enough to go around for everyone.” – The Secret
“There is enough for our needs, but not our greeds. Global warming is a problem right now precisely because as a species we are over-consuming. Remember the ego is afraid of not getting what it wants. When we are truly identified with Spirit we want everyone to have enough, not just ourselves.” –
Beyond the Secret

Look the Law of Attraction is neutral. It doesn’t care what kind of person you are, when you let the genie out of the bottle to make a wish. That is why I emphasize that the Law of Attraction is not just about “getting and spending”; that if wedded with deeper spiritual principles it can be understood as a tool for developing an authentic spirituality that leads us from a focus on consumption to one of contribution, or feeling that we are primarily here to make a positive difference in our world. After all, if we as a human family don’t make a more concerted effort to attract “spiritual abundance” over “material abundance” we may attract a lot of stuff to ourselves, but we won’t create a world we really want to live in.

That is why I believe it is time to move WAY “beyond” The Secret, and to put the horse before the cart so we can orient towards spirit, negate our egos, and attract soul qualities that will help us become better people, so we know what to attract that can be of benefit to ourselves and everyone around us. The Secret says practically nothing about this. Which is why I don’t think the Law of Attraction is the “greatest secret of the universe” as this book hypes it to be. I think learning the secret of Spirit is so we become loving and caring individuals capable of attracting and creating a better world. – Dr. Lisa Love, Beyond the Secret

Rebuilding After Crisis: An Opportunity for All Law of Attraction Practictioners

October 24, 2007

9/11, Katrina, The California Fires.  Crises happen and demonstrate the law of repulse in motion as something is lost.  These crises can be huge and involve millions, or small and involve mainly ourselves and a few family members or friends.  After anything is repulsed in our lives, we have an opportunity to attract something new.  Will we do so in the usual “same-ol’, same ol'” state of consciousness?  Or, lift ourselves to a more expanded state of conciousness where we can attract to ourselves a better life and better world.  Using the ten step process (grouped into ONE, TWO, THREE) in my book, I would like to illustrate a new law of attraction approach.


Remember, the “same ol'” approach happens when you attract anything from the same old state of consciousness.  Especially after a major crisis, it is time to practice the ONE steps.  Here are examples:

Orient Towards Spirit — Time to expand to include the whole.  Seek to understand things from a broad spiritual persepective.  Regarding the recent fires consider that these types of crises are not only limited to you, Southern California, or even the United States.  That’s why I posted earlier about global warming and the CNN Planet in Peril special being broadcast.  These fires are due a lot to draught!  Draught is due to global warming.  Global warming is a massive crisis going on all over. 

Negate the Ego – I write in my book that the ego lives in fear and is always afraid of loss.  It also plays the “See Me” game, see how alone I am, traumatized, etc.  There is nothing wrong with fear, as I write in my book it has its uses, but the more we can expand beyond it, the more we can become proactive, create soul stories, and attract what we need NOW.  We see the ego at work whenever it stops us from coping well.  We also see it at work when we use crisis to take unfair advantage of others attracting to ourselves only that which is for our own personal gain.

Engage the Soul – The soul works mainly through love.  I have been impressed by the love and care I am viewing with friends, family, neighbors, members of the Southern California community.  Love brings us courage.  Love gives us faith. Love causes us to step up and care about others.  Love leads us into service.  Instead of “what’s in it for me?” we ask, “How can I help?” and we attract the solutions we need to be of service in an effective way.


Take Time to Align — Since we have taken time to expand our consciousness we can now align our mind, emotions, and actions with the new ways we need to think, feel, and behave.  Do we need to rethink how we will approach the overall problem of global warming?  How we use existing water resources?  The kinds of homes we build?  Can we feel excited about an opportunity to implement new ways of rebuilding our lives and the overall community?  Will this excitement move us into action to do what’s new, instead of rebuilding along the same old lines because we live in and therefore keep attracting from the same old state of consciousness?

Watch and Listen – Especially after crisis it is time to meditate on the new solutions.  What are they, not only for ourselves, but related to how we are called to serve others to create and attract a more life sustaining future for the human race and our planet overall?

Order Your Thoughts – All those visualizations, affirmations etc will be based on your old, or new, state of consciousness.  If you haven’t done the ONE steps, it will most likely be the same old stuff you attract to yourself.  That’s why my book emphasizes the need to practice the ONE steps before you begin to move to the TWO steps.


Tap Into Your Feelings – Many law of attraction books as I have written help primarily here, helping you to elevate your feelings.  Of course, as my book illustrates, there are different approaches to this that come from other techniques such as Rational Emotive Therapy (around since the 1950’s) and Focusing (around since the 1970’s).  Consider working with your feelings using those methods as well.  As you do so you will be able to move forward in the most constructive way.  And if you have practiced the ONE steps, you will be more likely to “feel good” by “doing good” as well.

Highlight the Shadow in Others – When watching TV about the recent fires, some positive things have happened in the way people are coming together in a more effective way than they did in the San Diego fires 4 years ago.  But, I am also hearing stories of how 4 years ago many recommendations were made to help the area fight fires more effectively that were never followed.  Remember, as I write, the old will resist the new.  The old will want to attract the “same ol’, same ol'” way of being.  The more you can be aware of how this will happen, the more you can work through this resistence constructively.

Remove the Shadow From Yourself – Which is what the ONE steps help you do.  They expand your consciousness so you know how you can be different.  However, we all have experienced resistence.  When I work with clients I call this the “what’s stopping you” process.  And, most of my work (especially due to my extensive training and decades of experience), is along the lines of helping people get the breakthroughs they need so they can finally change not only their thoughts and feelings, but their behaviors as well.

Execute and Easy Does It!  – Which as I write in my book requires a lot of skill as we manifest. 

Overall, those of us who practice law of attraction techniques have a huge opportunity here.  But, only if we stop using the law of attraction in the same old ways.  That’s why I am grateful if you are reading this post, or have read my book, because we can create the revolution of heart needed as we use the law of attraction that is so needed right now in our world.