Living in the Fire

October 22, 2007

As I write this the environment outside my home is filled with soot and smoke.  Over 260,000 people have been evacuated nearby.  I hear the sounds of sirens on a frequent basis and stories are coming in from all over regarding how this series of fires (in San Diego), and those in other parts of California, may be the worst ever. 

I am also aware that tonight CNN is putting on a special on Draughts and Fires as a prelude to its special tomorrow night, Planet in Peril.  It all reminds me why I wrote my book and how those of us who use the law of attraction have a tremendous opportunity to serve!

You see, I believe we are uniquely equipped to become revolutionaries of the heart!  What a chance to lift out of fear into love using law of attraction techniques and to be motivated to give and serve in whatever way we can those around us.  And, what a larger opportunity to use the ten steps in my book to devise ways to create a new kind of world.  A world based as I have said on…

Love over fear.  (Since fear is typically ego based and rooted in its fear of loss, and inability to know that Spirit is eternal, even when stuff is not).

Contribution over consumption.  (Meaning we live from spiritual principles that impulse us to be of real service to others, leading with what we know we are here to give and contribute, instead of just focusing on what we are here to get).

Being over doing.  (Which leads to a lifestyle where everyone has more time to relate to each other, themselves, our loved ones, and communities, instead of being caught up in an endless cycle of constant work just so we can attract more stuff to ourselves).

Feeling good by doing good.  (Because we know how great it really feels to leave a better world behind us and a legacy of dong the right thing so those we love can live a better life, instead of just focusing on what feels good for only us).

These are some of the basic teachings in the way I use the Law of Attraction.  And, as the fires burn right now, I hope they create a burning fire in the hearts of everyone who uses the Law of Attraction to want to use it in a far more spiritual way. In this way we have a huge opportunity to make a radical change in the world, and to attract a new way of living and being where all people are served.


The Soul is the Source of Joy & Abraham-Hicks

September 2, 2007

In Beyond the Secret  I speak about the difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness is fleeting and comes from living according to the demands of the ego.  Joy is lasting and comes from engaging the soul. 

In the Abraham-Hicks teachings they also talk about living in a state of joy.  Much of their teaching really consists of techniques that can help you elevate your feeling state into a more joyful place.  In fact, this is one of the things I appreciate most about their teachings, even though I believe the teachings of Rational Emotive Therapy (which were developed in the 1950’s and I learned in the 1980’s) in many ways offer a more solid approach for working with your emotions effectively. 

What I would like to do here, however, is clarify more my views on what joy is in light of what the Hicks have to say.  To begin with the Hicks state we are here to learn how to allow Non-Physical Energy to create our world and flow through our intentions, decisions, and thoughts.  This Non-Physical Energy is also considered to be the source of joy.  This is the true “you.”  This “you” creates reality and there is nothing that this “you” cannot be, do, or have. 

So far, so good.  This is a basic metaphysical teaching, one that many, many, many people have taught in various esoteric traditions in different religious systems for thousands of years.  Only one problem that my book Beyond the Secret clearly points out.  Who is the “you”?  And, at what state of consciousness is this “you” operating from?  Because truth be told, the more “soulful” it is, the more it embodies the soul values listed in my book, and the less consumption oriented “you” (as ego) become.  This also fits with my research on what is spirituality (the post from my Ph.D. dissertation work is here on this blog).  

Though I am positive the Hicks themselves embody primarily soul values, have learned to live mainly in a state of joy, and are dedicated towards service, their teachings at times muddle and confuse different states of consciousness, which is my main difficulty with their teachings and books.  Yes, we are here to consciously connect with Source, as their books (and numerous metaphysical, spiritual, religious books) state.  But, in my extensive experience to really understand what that process looks like the Hicks books offer only a rudimentary guide towards understanding how to really access that Source, become “soul-infused,” diminish the ego, and live in a state of joy.  As a beginning step, the Abraham-Hicks books offer a very valuable service.  But, for the seeker looking to go further there is much, much, more.