Simplicity a Key to Using the Law of Attraction Spiritually

February 1, 2009
Here are some key messages about Simplicity I have found since being inspired by Obama’s Inauguration.

(Lyrics to the song they played
before Obama took the oath)

‘Tis the gift to be simple,
’tis the gift to be free.
‘Tis the gift to come down
where we ought to be.

And when we find ourselves
in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley
of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend
we shall not be ashamed.

To turn, turn
will be our delight,
‘Till by turning, turning
we come round right.


From his book, The Mystic Heart.


Why Simplicity is an Urgent Issue 


In our social realm, the adage “live simply so others may simply live” wisely demonstrates the practical efficacy of true spirituality. This dictum is a way to concentrate our minds and our efforts on changing how we live. It is not enough merely to talk about the need to change. Wee must in fact change! This change has to begin with each of us, or else our words are meaningless.

Simplicity as a virtue, knows only what is real. It will not tolerate useless complexity in how we live; it always challenges us to reduce everything to the essentials. It is not impressed with many things, but with few things used well, especially in service to others. Simplicity of life sees reality as it is: like humility, is is only comfortable with the truth. Simplicity is truth in how we live, unadorned and free. available and inviting to all, open to the world, and welcoming of its demands on us.


I took my vow of simplicity. I shall not accept more than I need while others in the world have less than they need. And that was what motivated me to bring my life down to need level for me. And, I realized that the need level of a pilgrim is about rock bottom. Most people would need much more than I need. For instance if you were called into the family pattern you would need the stability of a family center for your children. There are needs beyond physical needs. I’m not telling you that your need is the same as mine, but I’m just saying you find your need level. When I found my need level I found a wonderful harmony in my life. What I want and what I need are exactly the same. You couldn’t give me anything. I don’t need it. — Peace Pilgrim.

Simplicity of life is one of the inner resources that advances our common responsibility. It can have a major impact on altering how we relate to the earth, other species, and the poor. This element of global spirituality is necessary because we must simplify our lives if the Ecological Age does not require squandering our precious resources, degrading the environment, oppressing other species, and depriving the poor, simplicity of life reveals itself concretely as a great generosity of spirit.


The Genie in the Bottle! Be Careful Before You Wish!

October 20, 2007

You know that genie that is associated with the Law of Attraction?  That helps you get what ever you want if you just Ask, Believe, and Receive?  Nothing wrong with that genie, or the law of attraction.  It’s neutral afterall.  It will give you whatever you want, which is why my book Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction encourages you to know what to wish for before you get started.

But, there are some other fun facts.  The genie in that bottle is a “jinn!”  And the jinn have a long legacy in human mythology in the Western religious traditions.  (By the way they are known as the “devas” in Eastern religions).  

Whether you know it or not jinn and devas are basically amoral creatures since they have no will of their own.  They are also  considered to be both spirits (not spiritual, just spirits not of this world) and are frequently cast in the role mythologically as demons.  In Jewish tradition the jinn were associated with the Shaitan (and word that became related to Satan and at times Lucifer).  In the Christian and Islamic traditions, the jinn were often thought to be responsible for disease both physical and mental (since they could turn around and lead you astray into areas that may not be too healthy for you).  Jesus was tempted by a Jinn (known as the Devil which is a word that means lived spelled backwards and evil is live spelled backwards), and Buddha was tempted by Mara, also a jinn like creature. 

What does this mean for the rest of us and the right use of the Law of Attraction?  It means that before we let the “jinnie” out of the bottle we need to be spiritually anchored and know how to wish and what to wish for.  Only in this way will we attract spiritual abundance before material abundance.  But, too often even Law of Attraction practioners ignore all of this and act like the jinn do saying, “Go ahead, don’t think it over.  Just wish for whatever you want!” 

Which is why I wrote my book that it is important to discover the secret of Spirit before you unleash the Law of Attraction.  Put the horse before the cart and strive to be a spiritual and good person most of all.  Feel good by desiring to DO GOOD in this world.  Then the jinn will stay in the role they are meant to stay in.  They will be directed and led by those of us who strive to be conscious, caring, loving, wise, and kind to everyone around us. That’s what my book is about and what I hope all of us who use the Law of Attraction will strive to do.

A Million Dollars or a Million People? Your Choice!

October 20, 2007

In my book I ask this question… “So what if you had $5 million, $25 million, $1 billion net worth, or were able to attract it to you?  Would you be able to handle that much money and live as Spirit would have you?  Or, would your ego kick in, making you greedy, insensitive, and unaware of how buying things mainly for your own satisfaction may be to the ultimate detriment of those around you — and even your long term happiness?” (Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction, pp. 153 – 154)

As I mention in my book this is a question I have struggled with for nearly two decades now.  And, quite honestly, the more I ponder it the more I want everyone who strives to use the Law of Attraction to get wealthy just to indulge their egos to do the rest of us a favor – DON’T BOTHER!  Save us the trouble.  I outline how the ego uses money in my Spirit and You chapter, and the rest of us can’t afford any more to have egotistical people get wealthy.  Here’s why!

The planet is dying!  At this point in humanity’s evolution we can only afford to have people who are spiritual be the custodians of our remaining resources and wealth.

How will spiritual people use wealth?

  • They will be visionaries creating, attracting, and building a future that moves humanity forward into a better way of life.
  • They will adhere to spiritual values (regardless of religious tradition) and be oriented towards service.
  • Even if they aquire a massive amount of money, they will live comparatively simply and will view the wealth they have as being primarily a resource to help them move humanity forward towards a better future.
  • They will advocate LESS consumption of our planetary resources, not more!
  • They will advocate MORE time for quality of life so we have time to relate to our loved ones and live more healthy, relaxed, and fit lifestyles.
  • They will come from LOVE and not fear.  Because of this they will encourage the rest of us to take time to build community and take better care of the belongings we already have.
  • They will build BRIDGES for greater understanding between people of various nationalities, religions, races, age groups, belief systems, and sexes.
  • They will CARE FOR the poor, elderly, children, animals, homeless and helpless on this Earth.
  • And, they will advocate the use of the Law of Attraction as a means to LIVE SIMPLY, so people can simply live!

Now, if you are a Republican (in the United States political system) that’s fine!  Amass wealth and through charitable endeavors and foundations do like Andrew Carnegie suggested in his book The Gospel of Wealth (and Bill Gates is modeling for other wealthy people) GIVE MOST OF IT AWAY for the benefit of others! 

And, if you are a Democrat (again in the United States political system) then use government constructively and be fisically responsible and conservative as you maintain our cities, keep them free of crime, give health care to all, make sure our children are educated well (in public and private institutions), and that our elderly and poor are taken care of when in need.

Or, better yet, do both!  I mean as I see it we live more in a Plutacracy than a Democracy right now anyway.  (A Plutacracy is government for the wealthy by the wealthy).  Though, quite frankly if the wealthiest amongst us were truly being spirtual with the money they attract and using it in the ways I list above, well then a Plutacracy wouldn’t even be that bad to live under!

Face it!  It’s time to use the Law of Repulse to get rid of the glorified notion that the apex of one’s life is becoming powerful and proving it to others by amassing a great deal of wealth and showing it off.  Supposedly 1% of the world’s population now owns and controls 99% of the world’s wealth.  Sadly, for the most part they are fairly self-indulgent with what they have.  If this is true, it cannot be sustained.   Let’s stop acting like money is the end game and greed is good.  It isn’t.  Let’s stop telling the genie in the bottle that we want to use the Law of Attraction to create this kind of world.

Instead, let’s create one where BEING is more important than doing.  Where RELATING is more important than endless work.  Where LOVE overcomes fear (and weapons will be something none of us want and need).  Where children, women, the poor and oppressed are respected and taught how to lift themselves up in the right way.   Yes, use the Republican ideal of teaching people how to fish so they can lift themselves up.  (And, by the way that is a far cry from pushing people under the water and causing them to drown so they don’t have a chance of surviving and don’t threaten you as they try to get ahead).  We can also use the Deomcratic ideal (and in my religious upbringing also the Christian ideal) of giving people some fish until we can hand them fishing poles and teach them how to become “fishermen” (and women) themselves!  (And, that is a far cry from leaving people vulnerable, ignorant, dependent and helpless because they get conditioned to always looking for a handout because they don’t know any other way to live).

Most of all.. LET’S WISH TO HELP A MILLION PEOPLE to become better, more loving, kind, creative, and prosperous… more than we wish for a million dollars to just indulge our egos.

That’s the kind of use of the Law of Attraction I want to see in the world. How about you? 

If There is No-thing to Attract, How The Heck Do I Attract Any-Thing?

August 31, 2007

That’s the real secret, learning how to stop attracting anything from the level of the ego, and opening up instead to just enjoying more and more of what IS!  Remember the ego always feels empty and in need of fulfillment.  Like the hungry ghosts in the Buddhist tradition (who have pin hole mouths, tube like necks, and giant bellies), the ego constantly feels like it “can’t get no satisfaction.”  And, the ego tends to be absolutely certain that it alone knows what it wants and has every right to demand what it needs.  (Note: I talk about this in more detail in my book Beyond the Secret). 

So, a couple of things need to happen to help the ego to change.  First, as I mention in my book, we need to embrace uncertainty (Susan Jeffers — who endorsed my Beyond the Secret book — wrote a great book called Embracing Uncertainty that is well worth the read).  The ego benefits by surrendering to Spirit and allowing Spirit to reveal to the ego what is best for it, instead of the ego telling Spirit what it believes it should receive! 

Second, we need to shift our motive for wanting anything — and, I mean anything — to a focus on contribution instead of acquisition!  In my growing use of the law of attraction I am working on this myself.  The mantra, “Who does it serve?” becomes very important and relates to the Holy Grail quest I speak about in my book.   

And finally, as I said earlier we need to shift our focus to just enjoying more of what IS.  This helps us live a life of depth so we can really get all the juice and joy of out the moment, instead of living in a place of just skimming the surface of life.  Now here’s another secret — you already know how to enjoy the moment.  As a child you were probably a natural at it.  I remember one day when my son was three years old.  We were on a walk and suddenly he discovered a tree with a lot of small pebbles surrounding it.  Totally mesmorized he sat down in the middle of the pile and with utter amazement picked up a pebble, looked at it with awe, set it down, picked up another pebble, looked at it with awe, on and on for a full twenty minutes!  (It would have gone on a lot longer but I was the one who couldn’t fully enjoy all his bliss and insisted that we leave).

Later, as I reflected on that day I couldn’t help but consider how much we miss out on as we get older and lose our capacity to really enjoy what is right in front of us.  Imagine going back to a time when you could be so hugely entertained by a pile of rocks!  Recently, I was visiting a wonderful spot with a grassy park right on the ocean.  Nearby was a water fountain and I watched a small boy who was staring at the water coming out of the fountain as if that was the most amazing thing he had ever seen in his life.  Finally, his dad took notice and let the boy try the fountain out.  It was like he was on a ride from heaven.  Disneyland wouldn’t have come close to measuring up.  Again I thought to myself, “What would it be like to enjoy life so much, that so many common place things we take for granted were once again a source of true bliss and delight?”

In other words, what would it be like to fully enjoy more of what IS, instead of always feeling like no matter what we have we are missing out and need to attract something more?  The joy of life comes from deepening our life experience.  Yes, appreciation is important, but the word appreciation means “to add value” to something.  How do we add value to our lives if we constantly choose to skim the surface and then say, “That was good.  Now on to the next car, relationship, meal, hedonistic experience,” without having fully experienced, digested, valued, and appreciated what we already have?   

So, learn to appreciate more fully what is right there in front of you!  Learn to get more joy and juice out of the moment.  Start living a life of depth, not breadth.  And, when you do wish to attract anything, let it be for the good of others, not just yourself.  These are a few ways I know to attract “things” in a way that will truly benefit you and the world.

Are You Using Your Ego to Attract?

August 22, 2007

The major premise of Beyond the Secret is built on the fact that yes, we do attract according to whatever vibrational state we are in.  So, are you vibrating at the level of the ego and attracting what you want from that place, or are you attracting from the level of your soul, which will help you really acquire what you need from Spirit to live a truly joyous life?

Naturally, I’m especially curious and always seeking to improve my understanding of how to discern between the vibrational levels of ego and what I call the soul.  So, today I was delighted to discover a new book that will soon be released called egonomics: What Makes Ego Our Greatest Asset (or Most Expensive Liability) by David Marcum and Steven Smith.  As I share in Beyond the Secret all of us have an ego that part of ourselves that appears separate and distinct from others.  Although Spirit ultimately wants us to see the illusory nature of the ego and seeks to negate our experience of ego altogether as we become aware of the reality of our essential oneness, ego plays its part in the manifest world.  So, how do distinquish between a healthy (or soul-infused ego) and an unhealthy (selfish) one?  In Beyond the Secret I mention one way is to spot how ego constantly attempts to play the “see me” game.  This “see me” game is especially apparent in the new book by Marcum and Smith, because that is really what they refer to, the unhealthy ways ego defends, protects, projects, isolates, insolates, etc. to maintain its sense of importance and chronic self-reference. 

Their book also reveals as Beyond the Secret shares the dangers of too much positive thinking!   This is similar to what my book shares in the Spirit and Others chapter when I speak about how an overly positive attitude can actually cause you to distort reality.  Because you don’t see things clearly, you are incapable of assessing, responding, and attracting clearly.  How much better to attract to yourself the soul quality of clear perception, or seeing, first before indulging too much in conscious use of the law of attraction!   

Want to learn more about the egonomics book?  Check out the authors blog at