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April 21, 2009

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The Secret Behind the Cover of BEYOND THE SECRET

January 30, 2009

The cover of my book as first sent to me by Hampton Roads had the following design. The bottom looked the same as my book does now. But, the top was comprised of a series of clouds. I looked at the cover and told them there was no way I wanted to have that as the cover of my book. Instead, I shared with them that I had always envisioned the cover of my book representing the red seal on The Secret book breaking open and turning into a red setting sun. Fortunately, Hampton Roads was really marvelous to work with and put up with my desire to see the cover transformed. (And, the artists there I felt did a beautiful job. The cover turned out to be everything I hoped for and more).

But, there was a deeper reason I wanted the cover to look like it did. You see that red sun stands for a mystical experience I had in the mid 1990’s when life just wasn’t going so hot for me. It was another one of those periods in my life when I felt everything around me was falling apart. I lived in Central Coast California at the time, which has one of the most beautiful drives along the coast line on this Earth. Not sure where to go with my life I took the drive up the coast, parked my car on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and went into meditation for a prolonged period of time.

At one point I was there so long the sun began to set. As it did so it was almost as if “a voice” spoke to me. It instructed me in the following exercise. It asked me to close my eyes and imagine as if everything and everyone in my life had been stripped away from me. Then, it asked me to open my eyes and as I thought of all the difficulties in my life the voice asked me to consider, “What on this Earth really lasts?” Having had a series of recent losses my mind turned naturally to material things, relationships, my career, my health, and even my physical body. None of this seemed really permanent.

So, the voice asked me to repeatedly close my eyes and open my eyes always asking the question, “What on this Earth really lasts?” Standing on a mountain, overlooking the ocean, watching the sun set, and the stars and moon slowly emerging it began to occur to me that in many ways THESE were the only things that had some level of permanence around me. It also occurred to me that for thousands of years human beings had pretty much looked at these same apparently “lasting” aspects of life here on Earth (sun, moon, stars, mountains, and ocean).

The sun continued to set in a glorious display and night began to emerge. As the sun went down “the voice” asked me to switch from opening and closing my eyes to simply focusing on my breath going in and out of my body. As I engaged in this practice everything around me suddenly felt like it was alive and shimmering. In many ways I felt as if “I” dissolved into the space around me.

The end result was that I became increasingly filled with a deep sense of inner peace and a vibrantly alive sensation of love pulsating within me and all around me. At some point this shifted into a profound sense of stillness. Looking back, the entire process from the time I arrived on the cliff to where the sun had completely set and I was in the dark, had probably taken hours.

When I drove home my life began to immediately change for the better. Though this had not been my first mystical experience (I have experienced many in my life), the impression it left on me was similar to the Buddhist teaching of impermanence, and the Christian ideal of “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Practically, it revealed to me how cluttered our lives (hearts and minds) become with a focus on externals and an obsession with attracting “stuff” (including people, prestige, and more in our lives).

Though it has been some time since I have been within that profound space, the memory and the lesson of it still stays with me. And, that is what I wanted my book to represent. That is also what I remember and experience whenever I look at the cover of my book — the secret of Spirit — revealed to me that evening at a whole new level.

What is Spiritual Power?

January 30, 2009


In the simplest terms it is the ability to know we are Spirit and we are Love!  As we access that Love we attract more power to experience love, give love, and receive love in our lives.   

Spiritual Power is also energy. The more dynamic energy one possesses, the more potential power one can store and direct. When we tap into power we come alive. Spiritually, we stand connected with our Source veiled by the out-picturing of the Cosmos. Personally, we act confident, capable of achieving whatever we set out to do. Mentally, our minds are sharp, clear, precise, and insightful. Emotionally, we are calm, in control, and optimistic. Physically, we are filled with vitality and may even experience chemical changes aided by an adrenaline rush. In short, power feels good!

In our quest for life, each of us has the responsibility to learn to appropriately and rightly wield power. We begin to accomplish this first via the process of identification. Each of us in truth is a child of the Cosmos. The atoms and molecules in our bodies are made out of the same “star stuff” which creates galaxies and planets. When we can wake up each and every day assured of our Divine Heritage, we can face life like the Gods and Goddesses we are! Confidence is a word which means in essence “faith in oneself and one’s powers, without implying conceit.” Confident people trust in their abilities, because internally they know who they are! Regardless of our genetic makeup, family heritage, or environmental living circumstances, each of us can embrace a healthy and constructive identity by the simple act of embracing this inner Divinity. Just as we view people in power differently based upon their personal successes, we can learn to view ourselves differently based upon our inner attitude and point of identification.

Though potent in its proclamation, the simple statement of our Spiritual Heritage is not enough. Beyond belief, we must come to KNOW who we are. We can only know this in the fiery furnace of life experience, where acts of spiritual courage, integrity, and daring must be performed. One simple technique to help us make this transition, is that of “As If.” We begin with our statement of identity and act from there. Example: As a Child of the Universe, as a son or daughter of the Divine, as a follower of my particular spiritual teacher, as a loving and worthwhile human being, how should I act in this situation? Steadily and carefully we wait for an intuitive answer. Once the answer comes, we act upon it. To do this requires for many a leap of faith. As we make our identification, as we act from it, we must do so AS IF it WERE TRUE! No haphazard, half-witted, half-hearted attempt will do. We must enter into this with all of our Being. We must use faith to help us leap into the Reality of the experience. Only our fervent desire will get us there. And when it does? That faith, transformed into Reality, will bring us to wherever we wish to go. Such is the beauty of empowerment.

So easily said! What then prevents us from having this be consistently true in our lives? The answer can be found partially in two distinct directions. First, whenever we make our identification with the Divine within us, we must do it with the proper understanding and intention. A drop of water may be one with the Ocean, but it is NOT the full embodiment of the ocean around it. In our behavior towards ourselves and others, humility needs to be ever present. Through recognition of Divinity in everything around us, we honor our interdependence with others and seek to act harmoniously and constructively with all who we meet. In knowing a larger cycle of time exists in which great actions are unfolded, we stand steady with patience and persistence in relation to our visions avoiding discouragement at all costs. In this way we work cooperatively with the forces around us, conserving our energy over time.

Second, whenever we seek to act from a point of empowerment, or Spiritual Identification, we need to recognize the need to build our “spiritual muscles.” If we are to express the power within us appropriately, we need intelligence and skill. We start by welcoming challenges as opportunities to learn from life experiences. Next, in striving to master challenges each and every day, we authentically enhance our power to act. Finally, in following through upon our intentions and being true to our word, we enhance our sense of integrity and our personal reputations. Thus, a power base is built based upon the well earned trust of others. Life requests of us to use this power effectively by ennobling ourselves and others. In return, we ennoble life by living dynamically, powerfully, and compassionately. Empower one another now!

To your success!

Dr. Lisa Love