Ten Steps for Spiritual Attraction

Experience a 10 step process that will  help you manifest the life you are meant to live.  It’s as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!


Orient Towards Spirit. Live a more satisfying life by letting a meaningful calling guide you. 

Negate the Ego. Discover the ways your ego stops you from experiencing true joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind.     

Engage the Soul.  Clarify and strengthen your values.  Create soul stories instead of ego stories to inspire and motivate you.


Take Time to Align. Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions by cleaning up negative karma and living more fully in the present to manifest what you want.  

Watch and Listen.  Cultivate your intuition to help you make more insightful and accurate choices in life.

Order Your Thoughts.  Learn how to create a concrete plan to manifest what you through visualization, affirmations, and mind-mapping.


Tap Into Your Feelings. Develop emotional mastery and turn your emotions into a powerful tool for building desire and increasing momentum so you can succeed. 

Highlight the Shadow in Others. Identify the ways other people’s negative thoughts, feelings, and actions may impact you so you can cope, transform, or walk away from them.

Remove the Shadow in Yourself.  Get insight into the various ways you may be stopping and sabotaging your success.

Execute and Easy Does It! Develop a keen sense of timing, make sure you have something of real value to offer, and build a support team to help you sustain what you manifest. 


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