From Consumption to Contribution: A Holiday Law of Attraction Message

November 23, 2007

On this buisest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, I was blessed with an opportunity to pre-record the Partners in Paradise show with Kat and Curtis Kencht, KKZZ, “The Connection”, 1590.  The show will air December 1st.  They had a holiday theme on giving and this is the first show I have done where I was able to get my most essential message out, that is it time to shift our mass consciousness and use the law of attraction to create a new world no longer based mass consumption, but on contribution with an emphasis on more time for being with one another.  I was able on the show to invite law of attraction groups all over to use the holiday season and the theme of light (based on the literal fact that the Earth is closest to the Sun in its orbit this time of year), to come together, meditate, and discuss with family and friends how we need to change this Earth, not through a theme of suffering and lack as the old, but in the Spirit of joyful giving and a willingness to make do with less, so we have time for more soulful connections with one another.  On that show I invited dialogue amongst all those who use the law of attraction to share their innovations on various blogs, including this one.  And, as soon as the CD of the show is sent to me I will be posting it on this site.  I hope all of us can continue to focus on changing the world through feeling good by doing good in this world, so we can make more time for Being and not just incessant doing.  Happy Holidays!  Lisa


Beyond the Secret Radio Interview

November 16, 2007

In the past few weeks as the book has launched it has been receiving increased publicity.  Recently, I linked a radio interview with myself on the Be the Star You Are show.  You can listen to the interview on the website for my book.