About Dr. Lisa Love

Dr. Lisa LoveDr. Lisa Love

  • 25 years plus of experience
  • 100’s of clients
  • 5 professional degrees
  • Media & radio personality
  • Author of 3 books
  • Match.com Dating Advisor
  • Syndicated columnist
  • America Online teacher and columnist
  • Owner of SoultoSpirit.com
  • Co-founder of LoveMovies!

My clients are internationally based.  

Professional Background:2000’s  Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction Coaching — Training
others in relationships, dating, spirituality, and coping with life
transitions in an effective way.
1990’s  Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychologist —  Main focus,
relationships, excellence in human behavior, wellness  

1990’s  Media & Radio Personality — Three times hosted radio
programs in Southern California, Central Coast California, and
through the Internet offering inspiration, motivation, and Interviews
with authors such as:

Carol Adrienne – Your Life Purpose
Mark Albion – Finding Work That Matters
Rhonda Britten – Powerful Elements for Success
Larry Dossey – Healing Beyond the Body
Skatki Gawain – Creative Visualization & Intuition
John & Bonney Grey – Becoming Soulmates
David Richo – How to Be an Adult in a Relationship
Brother Wayne Teasdale – Spirituality in the Everyday World
Susan Winter Ward – Yoga for the Young at Heart

1980’s  Marriage, Family, Child Counselor:  Main focus,
relationships, divorce counselor, sexual abuse issues.

Publications:Previous Books in Print:Seasons of the Soul (Published 1995)
Emotional Mastery:  Handling Difficult Emotions in a Positive Way  
(Published in 1995)
Meditation: The Path to Peace  (Published in 1994).


Magazines, Web Sites & Radio Programs featuring me and/or my
America Online’s Alternative Health, Psychology, Religion
departments, Concepts Magazine, ConsciousSingles.com,
Evolving Woman Magazine, Healthylife.net, Information Press
Magazine, Ingenio.com, Keen.com, LiveSpirit.com, Match.com,
PamperYou.com, Planetary Connections Magazine, San Diego
Magazine, SoultoSpirit.com, Spirituality.com,
TeleClassInternational.com, Vision Magazine, and VoiceAmerica.

Associations:Member of Coachville
Member San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

Degrees:   Note: I am constantly in training and improving my skills.  

B.S. in Psychology —  completed 1982
M.S. in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling — completed 1984
MSE. in Spiritual Psychology — completed 1990
M.S. in Transpersonal Psychology — completed 2000
Ph.DE. in Esoteric Philosophy — completed 1998
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology — completed except for final
part of dissertation 2004
Additional training in Somatic Psychology, Creative Expression,
and Spiritual Guidance.

Note: Transpersonal means “beyond the personal.”  It is field of
psychology that specializes in human health, peak experiences,
and excellence.  Esoteric philosophy is the study of the inner
teaching of various spiritual traditions, which is based on a more
metaphoric instead of literal interpretation.


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